Using the STAP budget for a Dutch, English, French or German language course

Update: Babel courses no longer fundable through STAP Budget – starting September 1st. The government has decided to redirect the STAP budget to courses that specifically train students for certain jobs. This means that as of September 2023 the STAP budget unfortunately can no longer be used to register for a Babel language course. The STAP budgets that have been handed out on the 3rd of July will still be valid for courses starting in September. This decision only affects the remaining STAP budget hand-out dates in September and November. You can find more information on the government’s decision here. If you still want to join a course and pay by other means, please check our website for our full course offer.

Education expenses are no longer tax deductible in 2022. As an alternative, the STAP budget was introduced . The purpose of the STAP budget is to allow people to continue to develop themselves during their career. This applies to people who have a direct link to the Dutch labour market.

What has changed?

Study costs and other educational expenses are no longer deductible as of 1 January 2022. The STAP budget has replaced this fiscal regulation. As of 1 January 2022, a STAP account can be requested by employees and job seekers . The maximum amount that can be applied for is 1,000 euros. This is a subsidy, which means you do not have to pay it back. The cabinet makes an annual budget available of approximately 200 million euros; this means that approximately 200,000 people can make use of the STAP budget each year.

Following a Dutch or English language course with the STAP budget

You can take a Dutch, English, French of German course with the STAP budget. Have you found a course you would like to follow? Then you can fill in the pre-registration form. When we have processed your pre-registration, you will receive a STAP-registration certificate. You must send this certificate to the UWV on 1 May. The UWV will process your STAP-registration certificate and will let you know whether you can enrol in the course using the STAP budget. As soon as you have received the confirmation from the UWV, you can register via our website

Free level test

It is important that you start at the right level. Would you like to determine your current language level? If so, please take our free level test. You will receive personal advice from one of our teachers about your current level and on which language course suits you best.

Also in a virtual classroom

In addition to taking classroom lessons, we also offer the possibility of taking a language course online. The online language courses are then given in a ‘virtual classroom’. The virtual classroom offers the same learning opportunities as on-site: interactive lessons, personal feedback and space for your questions. But where you want it and with fun online tools like quizzes, virtual breakout rooms, video integration and a digital whiteboard. We use the virtual classroom for private courses and group courses.

Questions about the STAP-budget?

Would you like to develop your language skills? Then take a look at our range of language courses for which you can use the STAP budget. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our service desk at +3130 227 0008. You can also send an email to

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