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Babel offers language courses to individuals, businesses, educational institutions and other (non-profit) organisations. Our clients typically have a higher educational background.

  • Results driven
  • Personal attention
  • Reliability
  • Expertise

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Free placement test

Babel offers a free language placement test to make certain you start a course at the right level for you. This test will be corrected by one of our language trainers.

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  • "The safe atmosphere during the lessons helped to make you feel free to speak and make mistakes. This was very important for me. In a relatively short period of time my confidence in speaking English grew considerably"

    - Robert Jan Verkade -

Virtual classroom vs. traditional classroom

You can currently follow our group and individual courses in two ways: in one of our virtual classrooms or on-location at Babel in a traditional classroom. Choosing can be difficult. Which option is the best for

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Webinar 'Using English to Persuade'

Being persuasive in your native language can be challenging, let alone being persuasive in English. This short webinar led by one of Babel’s

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Tailor-made courses

Babel has broad experience in providing tailor-made language courses for individuals, businesses and educational institutions. Our tailor-made

Some of our clients

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