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Babel offers language courses to individuals, businesses, educational institutions and other organisations.

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If you want to take a course at Babel, it is important to take our free placement test. The test is checked by one of our language trainers and you will get personal advice.

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  • I feel more at home in the Netherlands now →

    - Semachew Ayele - Hydraulic Engineer

  • It changed my life →

    - Amr Moussa El-Azab - Student

  • "Learning Dutch in five months is possible →

    - Omar Dakar - Dentist

CEFR levels

When determining a student's level, we use the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This framework defines what you should master at a certain level in a foreign language.  

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Academic English

Are you pursuing a degree taught in English? Or are you going to write your thesis or dissertation in English and may have to present it too? Are

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In-company course

Would you like to organise a high-quality in-company language training course for your staff? We offer in-company training courses for organisations.

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