Privacy Policy

Course administration

Babel treats personal information with the highest possible care and confidentiality. In doing so, we meet all the legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Babel stores necessary information about (former) students, clients, staff, exam candidates and businesses. The aim of collecting and storing information is to organise, announce and evaluate courses and exams.

Only information concerning the following points will be saved:

  • name, address, city, country, gender, e-mail address, telephone number;
  • course registrations and payment details;
  • course results and attendance;
  • data regarding payment agencies (name and address data, contact people); or DUO (BSN, contract, loan);
  • placement test and/or report of intake interview.

Your data can be used by babel to inform you of our services and products. If you are not completely satisfied with this, please contact Babel at

No data will be shared with third parties unless:

  • it relates to the aim of the file;
  • it is necessary as a result of a legal requirement;
  • it occurs with the permission of the party involved;
  • it is requested by public legal entities.

Sharing information with DUO, UAF and customer satisfaction reports are examples of this.

Data will not be stored for any longer than necessary regarding the above mentioned aims, with a maximum of ten years after the completion of the last course or exam. (Former) students, clients, staff, exam candidates and businesses have the right to request access to their registered information and possibly for it to be removed.

Data will be stored digitally in highly secured databases. Only Babel employees who need to access the information for the operation of the organisation will have access to the aforementioned data. Furthermore, all those who can access the data will handle such information with professional confidentiality.


In order to make this website more easily accessible, Babel uses cookies. If you do not wish your information to be saved as a cookie, we recommend changing your browser settings.

Babel measures how often the website is visited and clickstream data as well as collects general information of website visitors. This concerns the most frequently visited pages, surfing habits and types of browser. In order to improve our website, Babel monitors information streaming and navigation structure, based on web statistics. This information is not traceable back to you and your information will remain protected.

Students and clients will be explicitly informed of this privacy policy when registering for one of our courses.