Working as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands? We arrange the required language level!

Highly skilled migrants play an important role in reducing labor market shortages. In order to work in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant, it is important to know the Dutch language and culture. With our language program, developed specifically for the healthcare and IT sector, we prepare highly skilled migrants to start working for Dutch clients within six to nine months.

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Learning Dutch at Babel in 5 steps

Babel offers a structured and result-oriented step-by-step plan that supports highly skilled migrants in achieving the required language level and helps them to successfully start working in the Dutch healthcare and IT sector.

Onboarding of employees with Babel

Highly experienced
Extensive experience with complex projects in Philippines and India.

Tailor-made programs
Specifically tailored to the learning goals of highly skilled migrants.

Start immediately
It is possible to start within two weeks.

94% recommend us
We have satisfied course participants and clients.

Reliable partner
We hold all the necessary certifications.

Specialized teachers
We are familiar with the challenges faced by students.

Why should highly skilled migrants learn Dutch?

Mastering the Dutch language is sometimes mandatory and has important advantages:

Meeting legal requirements

To work in the healthcare sector, registration in the BIG-register is mandatory. In order to do this, from January 1, 2024, healthcare workers must obtain a language certificate. To obtain the language certificate, candidates must demonstrate a level of B1 (MBO nurses), B2 (HBO nurses), or B2+ (academics).

Complying with employer requirements

The employer may impose requirements on the language skills of the employee. Often Dutch is the working language within an organization and it is desired that everyone can use it well. Knowledge of the language and work culture is important to function well in the workplace and to feel at home in the Netherlands.

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Our language program helps highly skilled migrants reach an advanced level and become confident users of the Dutch language in a short period of time. Want to know how we can help your candidates learn the language so they can start working quickly? We would be happy to help. Call us at 030 227 0008 or email

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