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Dutch courses UtrechtLooking for a Dutch course? We have a wide range of Dutch language courses to offer, from beginner courses to courses for German speakers and courses for foreign doctors. Babel can help everybody, whether they are students who would like to learn the basics of Dutch, people who would like to take the ‘Staatsexamen’ or people who simply want to perfect their Dutch language skills. We offer Dutch language classes in Utrecht, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. Additionally, you can also follow our Dutch courses in our virtual classroom or study at your own pace with our e-learning courses.

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Babel gears its courses towards people with a higher educational background: the pace of learning is quite high, and students need to be able to speak English, which is the support language (at least at the start of the course).

Top reasons to choose Babel for your Dutch course

Learning a new language or improving your current language level takes time and energy. You want your efforts to lead to the maximum result, as do we. We believe in a pragmatic and personal approach. We have listed the most important reasons for you to choose us for your Dutch course:

  • Quality is key. We are specialized in language classes for highly educated people.
  • Our experienced teachers are always there for you and provide you with a lot of personal attention and feedback.
  • Our language classes offer interactive content, videos and varied assignments.
  • We meet your needs! Learn wherever and whenever you want, even if you are not in the Netherlands yet.
  • You will receive practical tips & tricks that you immediately can apply in real life.

First course at Babel?

Is this the first time you are taking a Dutch course at Babel? Then you may need to do a placement test, depending on your situation. Our placement test is free of charge and will let you know exactly what your current language level is. The test is available online at all times and can take up to 60 minutes. You always need to do a placement test if you would like to take an intermediate course (B1) or higher. Check here whether you need to do the placement test. Depending on your current language level and your goals, we have plenty of Dutch courses to choose from.


CourseLessonsWeeksStart levelTarget levelPrice
Intermediate Dutch (B1)3418A2B1€ 855,-
Intermediate Dutch: Intensive Course (B1)349A2B1€ 855,-
Crash course Intermediate Dutch (B1)255A/A2-B1€ 1250,-
Intermediate Dutch (B1) compact17A/A2-B1€ 760,-
Intermediate Dutch (B1) individual online17A2B1€ 2500,-
Dutch for German Speakers (Intermediate)179A2+B2€ 455,-
CourseLessonsWeeksStart levelTarget levelPrice
Upper-Intermediate Dutch (B2)3418B1B2€ 855,-
Upper-Intermediate Dutch: Intensive Course (B2)349B1B2€ 855,-
Crash course Upper-Intermediate Dutch (B2)345B1B2€1250,-
Upper-Intermediate Dutch (B2) compact17-B1B2€760,-
Upper-intermediate Dutch (B2) individual online17-B1B2€2500,-
Advanced Dutch (C1)1616B2C1+€ 520,-
Dutch for German Speakers (Advanced)1717B2 C1€ 455,-

Exam training


DUO student loan?

Are you entitled to a student loan from the DUO (Educational Administration Service) to help pay for your Dutch course? Then you should always have an intake interview with a teacher, before you can register for a course. This page gives more information about registering for a course with a DUO student loan.

Dutch as a second language for study or work (NT2)

There are exams at two proficiency levels:

  • Programme I is intended for pepole who want to enter vocational training (mbo) or for those who want to apply for a professional career in the Dutch labour market at vocational level. The language level of this programme is B1 (CEFR).
  • Programme II is intended for people who want to enter higher education (hbo) or university studies (wo) or for those who apply for a job at an academic level. The language level of this programme is B2 (CEFR).

Most schools in mbo, higher education or universities only accept students who have a diploma State Exam Nt2. For more information visit the official state exams website.

Dutch for expats

Will you be working in the Netherlands? Start learning Dutch! This will make it easier for you to get to know people and communicate with your colleagues. As we also offer online courses, you can start studying from your home country. Our study advisors are happy to help you.

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Utrecht Summer School

In close cooperation with Utrecht University Summer School, Babel offers more than 30 language summer courses for Dutch and English each year. The duration of these courses varies from 1 to 6 weeks and the courses take place in July and August. Due to coronavirus prevention measures, the summer courses will be taught online this year in our virtual classroom. View all Summer School courses. View all Summer School courses.

Online courses

Would you prefer to enrol in an online course to study the Dutch language? No problem! Babel offers a range of online Dutch courses that help you to improve your Dutch via the internet. Following an online course allows you to study at your own pace, in the place where you are most comfortable. We offer online Dutch courses via our virtual classroom and via e-learning:

  • virtual classroom
    In the virtual classroom, you and your fellow students follow interactive, real-time language classes taught by experienced teachers. The virtual classroom is best seen as the online version of a traditional classroom.
  • e-learning
    When you follow an e-learning course, you watch videos, read the teaching materials and do online exercises, but do not have a fixed class time and you work at your own pace.

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Learn Dutch

Would you like to learn Dutch? Our Dutch courses in Utrecht cover the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. In addition, we will look at Dutch grammar and Dutch vocabulary. We offer student-centred learning and our class activities will take student feedback into account. The trainer and the student are jointly responsible for the learning process. Through a variety of effective teaching methods, you will learn the Dutch language as thoroughly and quickly as possible. The best way to develop a new language is by actively practising. Cultural issues such as cross-cultural communication and cultural differences also play an important role in our lessons.

Learn Dutch now!

Start your Dutch course today

Are you ready to take your Dutch to the next level? Reach out to us and apply for your chosen course to get going right away. If you have any questions you can call us on 030 – 227 0008, send an e-mail to info@babel.nl, or check out our FAQ.


Do the free testWhat is your language level?

Would you like to know your current language level? Babel offers a free language placement test! You will receive personal advice from one of our teachers about your current level and which language course suits you best.