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Dutch courses UtrechtWe have a wide range of Dutch language courses to offer: from beginner courses to courses for speakers of German and courses for foreign doctors. Babel can help everybody, whether they are students who would like to learn the basics of Dutch, people who would like to take the Staatsexamen or people who simply want to perfect their Dutch language skills.

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Babel gears its courses towards people with a higher educational background: the pace of learning is quite high, and students need to be able to speak English, which is the support language (at least at the start of the course).

First course at Babel?

Is this the first time you are taking a Dutch course at Babel? Then you may need to do a placement test and/or to have an intake interview with a teacher, depending on your situation. You always need to do a placement test if you would like to take an intermediate course (B1) or higher. Check here whether you need to do the placement test, the intake interview, or both.

Course Lessons Weeks Start
Elementary Dutch: Intensive Course (A) 34 9 0 A2 735
Elementary Dutch (A) 34 18 0 A2 735
Beginners Dutch (A) blended 17 17 0 A2 650
Intermediate Dutch: Intensive Course (B1) 34 9 A2 B1 735
Intermediate Dutch (B1) 34 18 A2 B1 735
Intermediate Dutch (B1) blended 17 17 A2 B1 650
Upper-Intermediate Dutch (B2) 34 9 B1 B2 735
Upper-Intermediate Dutch (B2) 34 18 B1 B2 735
Upper-Intermediate Dutch (B2) blended 17 17 B1 B2 650
Advanced Dutch B2+ 17 9 or 17 B2 B2+ 445
Advanced Dutch C1+ 17 17 C1- C1+ 445
Dutch level 1 9 9 0 A1- 160
Dutch level 1 (online) 8 0 A1- 145
Dutch level 2 9 9 A1- A1+ 160
Dutch level 2 (online) 8 A1- A1+ 145
Dutch level 3 9 9 A1+ A2 160
Dutch level 3 (online) 8 A1+ A2 145
Preparation course State Exam NT2 I 16 8 B1 B1 445
Preparation course State Exam NT2 II 8 8 B2 B2 445
Dutch exam training for the AKV-exam – dentists 8 8 B2 B2+ 485
Dutch exam training for the AKV Exam and Taaltoets – artsen, apothekers, psychologen 8 8 B2 B2+ 485
Dutch for German Speakers (Beginners) 17 9 0 A2+ 390
Dutch for German Speakers (Intermediate) 17 9 A2+ B2 390
Dutch for German Speakers (Advanced) 17 17 B2 C1 390
Dutch Labour-Market Orientation (ONA in Dutch) 12 6 B1 465
Workshop Speech Therapy: Dutch sounds, this is how you pronounce them 1 1 From A1 50
Workshop Speech Therapy: this will make your Dutch sound really Dutch! 1 1 From A1 50

DUO student loan?

Are you entitled to a student loan from the DUO (Educational Administration Service) to help pay for your Dutch course? Then you should always have an intake interview with a teacher, before you can register for a course. This page gives more information about registering for a course with a DUO student loan.

Dutch as a second language for study or work (NT2)

There are exams at two proficiency levels:

  • Programme I is intended for pepole who want to enter vocational training (mbo) or for those who want to apply for a professional career in the Dutch labour market at vocational level. The language level of this programme is B1 (CEFR).
  • Programme II is intended for people who want to enter higher education (hbo) or university studies (wo) or for those who apply for a job at an academic level. The language level of this programme is B2 (CEFR).

Most schools in mbo, higher education or universities only accept students who have a diploma State Exam Nt2. For more information visit the official state exams website.

Utrecht Summer School

In close cooperation with Utrecht University Summer School, Babel offers each year more than 30 language summer courses for Dutch and English. View all Summer School courses

Learn Dutch

Would you like to learn Dutch? Our Dutch courses in Utrecht cover the four skills listening, reading, writing and speaking. In addition, we will look at Dutch grammar and Dutch vocabulary. We offer student-centred learning and our class activities will take student feedback into account. The trainer and the student are jointly responsible for the learning process. Cultural issues such as cross-cultural communication and cultural differences play an important role in our lessons.

Learn Dutch now!