Required books

Below you’ll find an overview of all open courses. Click the link at the right to view the required course materials. You can order your books online immediately!

Dutch | English |  German |  French | Korean

Elementary Dutch course (A0 → A2) Order here
Elementary Dutch – intensive course (A0 → A2) Order here
Intermediate Dutch (A2 → B1)  Order here
Intermediate Dutch – intensive course (A2 → B1) Order here
Upper-Intermediate Dutch (B1 → B2) Order here
Upper-Intermediate Dutch – intensive course (B1 → B2) Order here
Beginners Dutch course for German Speakers (A0 → B1-) Order here
Intermediate Dutch course for German Speakers (B1- → B2) Order here
Advanced Dutch course for German Speakers (B2 → C1) Order here
Dutch level 1  + 2 + 3 Order here

English Pre-Intermediate (A1 → A2) Order here or here
English Intermediate (A2 → B1) Order herehere, here or here
English Upper-Intermediate (B1 → B2) Order herehere or here
English Advanced (B2 → C1) Order here
Engels Proficiency (C1 → C2) Order here or here
Spoken English Advanced (B2/C1) Order here
Writing in English for Publication Order here
Academic English Order here
IELTS Exam preparation Order here
TOEFL  Exam preparation Order here
Business English Upper intermediate (B1 → B2) Order here
Business English Advanced (B2 → C1) Order here
Business English course, track B1 → C1 Order here + here
English course, track A1 → B1 here or here + herehere, here or here
Intermediate English course, track A2 → B2 herehere, here or here + herehere or here
Upper-Intermediate English course, track B1 → C1 herehere or here + here
Advanced English course, track B2 →C2 here + here or here

German level 1 Order here or here

French level 1 Order here

Korean level 1+2+3 Order here and here