About Babel

This monument is home to Language Institute Babel. We help individuals and professionals improve their language and communication skills. With us you can learn 15 different languages, from Dutch to Korean, from English to Italian. At Babel you work on your personal learning goals with experienced teachers.

Our promises

At Babel, we meet thousands of people every year who want to take a big step in life. This may be going abroad or starting a new in the Netherlands, following a foreign language course or changing jobs: these are just a handful of examples of our students’ ‘ stories. Our personalized approach to teaching increases the impact our training courses have on our clients. . But a great course requires even more ingredients. Over the past 35 years, we have learned what really makes a language course successful.

1. Practice-oriented learning

Practice-based learning is central to our teaching. Your trainer guides you in language acquisition, adjusts and helps where necessary with the aim that you can do as much as possible independently. It is important to put what you learn into practice as quickly and as often as possible. After all, you learn a language in order to be able to use it in practical situations.

2. Personal attention

Do you specifically want to improve your Dutch presentation techniques? Or make fewer mistakes in your writing, for example? Your needs are of paramount importance during your training course. The training sessions are aimed at coaching and inspiring you to gain the self-confidence you need to develop to your full potential.

3. Expertise of the trainer

Our trainers have a great deal of professional knowledge and expertise. The teaching methods we use for our Dutch courses, for example, were developed by our own trainers. These methods are specifically aimed at students at higher vocational or university level who wish to learn Dutch as a second language. We are proud that these methods are used nationwide by language schools.

Our types of training

Whether you like to learn with other participants or prefer to learn individually. In Utrecht, online or at your location. Because of our wide range of types of training we always have a solution to achieve your goals.

1. Group courses

In our group courses, you work with other participants on your language skills under the guidance of an experienced teacher. This provides opportunities for conversations, discussions and exercises in an interactive environment. You can encourage each other and learn from each other. Our group courses start up to six times a year and you can enroll directly. Almost all of our courses are offered in Utrecht and in the virtual classroom.

2. E-learning

Our e-learning modules help you improve your language skills in your own time, at the standard you are accustomed to from Babel and with personal guidance. The modules consist of online material, videos and online assignments. In our e-learning, the contact you have with a teacher is unique. You receive personal feedback on the work you hand in, and you have the opportunity to ask your teacher questions.

3. Individual training

A private language course is ideal for working efficiently on specific learning goals. Our experienced trainers coach you to get the best out of yourself and to communicate more confidently.

4. Incompany training

During an in-company language course, one of our language trainers comes to your offices for the classes or teaches them in a virtual classroom. Beforehand, we jointly determine the programme based on the learning goals and the current language level of the participants. Would you like to organise a high-quality in-company language course for your staff? Feel free to contact us via advies@babel.nl or 030 227 0008.


Curious about what others have to say about our trainings? Our course participants Semachew, Amr and Omar tell about their experience. We score an average of 8.6 on Klantenvertellen.

“I feel more at home in the Netherlands now.”

I was eager to learn Dutch to better integrate in the Netherlands. As a professional engineer from Ethiopia, I know how important it is for your career to speak the language. The course at Babel helped me feel more at home in the Netherlands. It has improved my Dutch and enabled me to communicate more effectively, both in my professional and personal life. It has been a valuable step!
Semachew Ayele – Hydraulic Engineer

“It changed my life.”

Looking back, I can honestly say that it changed my life. One of the biggest benefits is that I can now communicate with Dutch friends without difficulty. It has helped me make friends. Also, it has also helped me in my work. New opportunities have found me. I think everything I learned about language will help me in my work and my daily life.
Amr Moussa El-Azab

“Learning Dutch in five months is possible.”

The language courses at Babel are good, both in terms of organization and of people. The teachers are caring and kind. In five months, I reached a language level of B2+. That is great. I know people who have not reached this level after more than five years in the Netherlands. Learning Dutch is difficult and intensive, but it is made possible because of the energy, motivation and skill of the teachers.
Omar Dakar – Dentist


Babel was established in 1983 by an enthusiastic Italian student. At first, Babel focussed on offering ‘open group courses’. After approximately ten years, Babel had outgrown their premises on Biltstraat and so moved to the Lucas Bolwerk (street). Tailor-made training courses and translation services were added to the repertoire. In 2009, Babel joined forces with Utrecht University. The head office of Babel has been located on Nieuwegracht since August 2014.