Date : 06 October 2023 Categories : Blog

Dentist Omar: ‘Learning Dutch in five months is possible’

Babel makes it possible to work in the Netherlands. With a specially developed language program, the required language level is easily achievable. Omar Dakar, who works as a dentist in the Netherlands, shares his experience.

What’s it like to learn Dutch at Babel?

‘The language courses at Babel are good, both in terms of organization and of people. The teachers are caring and kind. In five months, I reached a language level of B2+. That is great. I know people who have not reached this level after more than five years in the Netherlands. Learning Dutch is difficult and intensive, but it is made possible because of the energy, motivation and skill of the teachers.’

How did the language course help you achieve your professional goals?

‘I am now registered in the BIG registry and, therefore, am free to work in the Netherlands as a dentist. The language course definitely contributed to this because one’s specific profession is covered – in my case dentistry. The preparation for the language tests is also nice, with lots of tips and advice.’

What in particular strikes you as unique in the language course?

‘The atmosphere is good; I feel at home at Babel. I felt a lot of understanding and respect from the teachers. They were the first people I got to know in the country, and they were very friendly. The focus was not only on learning the Dutch language, but also on a personal level. Teachers asked about my daily life. The bond didn’t feel like a teacher-student relationship, but more like a personal relationship. I still talk to my teachers now, even though my training is over. I am grateful for all the help from Babel. Taking the language course has expanded my world. A special thanks to Babel and my teachers Victorine Lutz and Joost van den Brink.

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