Obtain a Dutch language certificate from Babel

Do you want to work in the Dutch healthcare sector but did not obtain your degree in the Netherlands? To work in the healthcare sector, you are required to register in the BIG registry. To do so, you must obtain a language certificate (replacing the AKV test) from January 1, 2024. To obtain the language certificate, the language level for MBO nurses must be at B1 level, for HBO nurses at B2 level and for academics at B2+ level.

About the test

Your language level must be tested by means of an exam or assessment. At Babel, we administer the language exam and, once you have passed, issue the language certificate. Please note that a certificate (proof of participation) of a Babel language course is not valid proof for BIG registration.


The prices of the various parts are listed below. You have passed if you have successfully completed all parts. You only have to retake the parts you did not pass.

Part Price including VAT
Reading € 94,50
Listening € 94,50
Writing € 94,50
Speaking € 154,50
English reading skills *
*please note, this part is only necessary for candidates from outside the EER.
€ 94,50

The English test is a separate part of the BIG registration language tests. When you book ‘all parts’ the English test is not included. Please see the registration buttons below to register for the tests.


Using the buttons below, you can register yourself directly for the tests.

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Register for English test

Using the buttons below, you can register yourself directly for the English tests.

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Preparation program

Babel offers a professional language program to help you prepare for the assessment.

Frequently asked questions

Are things still not quite clear? Then take a look at our page with frequently asked questions.