Tailor-made e-learning

Babel has broad experience in providing tailor-made language courses for individuals, businesses, publicly-funded bodies and non-profit organisations. Aside from our classroom-based courses, we also offer online tailor-made e-learning courses. It is our pleasure to adjust our online courses to your or your company’s wishes. A tailor-made approach gives you the opportunity to get the most out of this learning experience. 

What is important to us?

We think it is important to motivate our students. That’s why we offer interactive and relevant content to our students. By learning about your company’s culture and by knowing your personal learning goals, our tailor-made online courses match exactly with your wishes. Additionally, personal attention is also extremely important to us. Our experienced teachers monitor your progress during the online course and provide you with personal feedback. Next to that, we regularly update our client with insights on the progress made by the participants of the course.

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What are the advantages of tailor-made e-learning?

  • Focused on the needs of your organisation.
  • Accessible via mobile, tablet or PC.
  • 24/7 access: at work but also at home or when travelling
  • With your own (house) style (white label).
  • Possibility to integrate the training on your own learning platform.

Use our expertise and take the language level within your organisation to a higher level.

Virtual classroom

Next to e-learning, it is also possible to teach employees in a virtual classroom. A virtual classroom offers the same learning opportunities as an ‘offline’ classroom. However, it is accompanied by fun and interactive online tools and does not require you to travel. Either together with your fellow students or individually, you increase your language skills under the guidance of an experienced language trainer.

An example

How do you manage that employees learn as much Dutch as possible in a short time? Babel set up online training for one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands. In this way, students continued to study by themselves at home, in addition to the classroom lessons. Blended learning (mixing online and offline teaching channels) prepared the participants in a short time to use Dutch at their job.

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