The virtual classroom

In addition to taking classroom lessons, we also offer you the possibility of taking a language course online. The online language courses are then given in a ‘virtual classroom’. The virtual classroom offers the same learning opportunities as an on-site classroom: interactive lessons, personal feedback and space for your questions and active participation. You can follow these courses where you want it and enjoy features such as fun online tools and quizzes, virtual breakout rooms, video integration and a digital whiteboard. We use the virtual classroom for private courses and group courses.

This is how it works!

Watch our virtual classroom demo below to see how fun and effective online language learning is.

The advantages of a virtual classroom

In addition to all the possibilities of an ‘offline’ classroom, a virtual classroom also offers the following tools.

  • Digital whiteboard – The digital whiteboard provides extra interaction in the lessons. Both the teacher and the students can write, draw and doodle on it.
  • Breakout rooms – In these virtual breakout rooms, you can work on group assignments together with your fellow students.
  • Screen sharing – This handy feature enables the teacher to share his screen with the students with one click. The students can then easily follow all the steps taken by the trainer.
  • Chat – Questions can be asked via the chat function.
  • Live quizzes – This allows you to quickly identify your weaker areas and learn more effectively.
  • Real-time notes – Notes taken by the teacher can be shared immediately with the students via this tool. This means that you no longer need to take notes during the lesson and can concentrate fully on the teacher’s explanation.
  • Cloud storage – The teacher can share the used articles, documents and videos with you in an instant. This way, you always have access to the course material and nothing gets lost. Important documents and links are also shared via MyBabel.

Course overview

Learn where you want

At the kitchen table, in the train or at work, and even on holiday. You can follow the online lessons wherever you want. As long as you have a working internet connection. This allows you to improve your language skills in an environment which feels comfortable to you and where you can work on your language development. The virtual classroom offers the same learning opportunities as on-site classes: interactive lessons, personal feedback and space for your questions. But where you want it!

More information?

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