Civic integration course: registering with a DUO loan

Do you live in the Netherlands and want to complete your civic integration process? At Babel you can learn the Dutch language to prepare you to sit the civic integration exam or State exam (NT2). Babel focuses on preparing highly educated students and the pace at which the content is handled in class is quite fast. Additionally, prospective students should also have a good command of the English language as this language is used as a learning aid at the beginning of the course.

Babel has been awarded the Blik op Werk certification. This means that you are allowed to apply for a loan from Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) to finance your Dutch course with Babel. It is important to note that no money will be transferred to your bank account. The way the loan works is that DUO pays the invoices for your course and your exam direct to Babel. You will then pay the loan back to DUO at a later date and with interest. You can find more information on DUO’s website.

Please note: you can only use your DUO loan to pay for Dutch courses before you have taken the integration exam or the state exam NT2. After this, using a DUO loan is no longer possible.

* Are you an asylum migrant (for example via the UAF) and have you integrated within the last three years? Then you do not have to pay back your loan. More information can be found on this page.

COVID-19: Important information

It is important that people going through the integration process continue to learn the Dutch language during this period. Due to the measures being taken against the coronavirus, Babel is currently teaching remotely via virtual classroom. It has been decided by the government that distance education (including lessons via virtual classroom) can be paid from the DUO loan. More information can be found here (in Dutch). The interviews for registration also now take place online. Below you can find instructions on how to register.

The information below has been modified to reflect the Dutch coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations and laws. You can find more information about what measures we have taken regarding the virus here.

If you want to take a course at Babel for the first time, follow the steps below:

  1. Apply for a loan from DUO. You will receive a confirmation letter from DUO within a few weeks of your application. This will state your maximum loan amount.
  2. Once you have received a letter from DUO in which a loan has been granted (example), you can make an appointment online for an interview with a teacher from Babel. During the intake interview, the teacher will explain Babel’s working method and together you will see whether Babel is the right school for you.
    If you want to register for a course at Intermediate (B1) level or higher, you must take an entry test online prior to the intake interview.
  3. The intake interview takes about 20 minutes. If the outcome of the intake interview is that you are going to take a course at Babel, you and the teacher will decide which of our courses is right for you.
  4. You can register online immediately after the intake interview.
  5. You must sign the course contract online. You will receive an email with a request to sign the contract.
  6. In the same email you will also receive a request for your permission to follow the course via Virtual Classroom. We would like to ask you to answer yes or no.
  7. You must send a copy of your DUO letter to Your registration is now final. The money is paid directly to Babel by DUO.

If you have previously followed a course at Babel, you do not need an intake interview. Follow the steps below:

  1. a. Register for your desired follow-up course via this online form.
    Please note that you may only register for a follow-up course if you have completed the previous course with good results (this is checked by our administration).
    b. When registering, choose “DUO loan”.
    c. When registering, indicate that Babel will order the necessary books for you (so that these can also be reimbursed by DUO).
  2. You will immediately receive a course contract by email. Read the contract carefully and return it signed within one working week to
  3. You are only registered after we have received your course contract. If we do not receive it fully signed and within one working week, your registration will lapse.
  4. Within one working week, you will receive a confirmation of your registration by email. You can accept the invoice for the course on within one working week after the last day of class.
  5. Your registration is now final. The money is paid directly to Babel by DUO.

We wish you a fruitful learning experience!