Intermediate Dutch course (B1)

Level: Intermediate (A2/B1)

This pre-intermediate course covers the four skills listening, reading, writing and speaking. In addition, we will look at Dutch grammar and Dutch vocabulary.

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Starting from 27 June 2022

+ 6 more dates

About the course

This Intermediate Dutch (B1) course is aimed to those who wish to achieve level B1 in a short period of time. You can start with level A2. The topics that will be dealt with are more abstract than in the beginner course.

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Learning goals

This Intermediate Dutch (B1) course is aimed to those who wish to achieve level B1 in a short period of time. The course is therefore suitable if you have completed the Dutch A2 course or if you have attained A2 level via another route. Would you like to know your current language level? Try our free language level test!

After completing this Dutch B1 course:

  • You understand the most important aspects of clear standard texts on subjects that they frequently come across at work, at school or during their leisure time.
  • You are able to deal with most situations that can arise while travelling in areas where Dutch is spoken.
  • You can produce simple texts on subjects that are familiar or that are of interest to them.
  • You can describe experiences and occurrences, dreams, expectations and ambitions, and you can briefly explain your opinions and intentions.



  • The course material we use is De sprong, a book which has been specially developed for learners with a higher educational level who have already mastered the basics of Dutch, but who are not yet ready to take Programme 2 of the State Exam in Dutch.
  • During the meetings you work in groups, in pairs or alone. The language of instruction is Dutch. The meetings are always led by an experienced teacher who is a professional in personal coaching. In this way, we ensure that you get the best results from yourself.
  • Halfway through the course, your personal progress in listening, reading, writing and speaking will be tested, as will your writing and speaking skills at the end of the course.


Time Investment

  • This Intermediate Dutch (B1) course consists of 34 sessions of 1 hour and 45 minutes or 39 sessions of 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • To ensure that you learn as much as possible, we expect you to spend about eight hours a week on self-study. Of course, you will receive study material and assignments for this, which will be discussed during the meetings.



  • The language of instruction is Dutch.
  • In this course we use the book De sprong. You can order all books required for the course on our special book page. Please ensure you bring your books to the first session.
  • Participants should attend at least 80% of the meetings. At the end of the first half of the course, there will be listening, reading, writing and speaking tests. In addition there will be a final test on speaking and writing.
  • If you work or study at Utrecht University you will receive a 15% discount. Please register with your UU email address. Your registration will then be processed automatically.


  • Starting date: 27 June 2022 (Utrecht)
    Monday27 June 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday29 June 202218:0019:45
    Monday4 July 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday6 July 202218:0019:45
    Monday11 July 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday13 July 202218:0019:45
    Monday18 July 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday20 July 202218:0019:45
    Monday25 July 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday27 July 202218:0019:45
    Monday1 August 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday3 August 202218:0019:45
    Monday8 August 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday10 August 202218:0019:45
    Monday15 August 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday17 August 202218:0019:45
    Monday22 August 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday24 August 202218:0019:45
    Monday29 August 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday31 August 202218:0019:45
    Monday5 September 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday7 September 202218:0019:45
    Monday12 September 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday14 September 202218:0019:45
    Monday19 September 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday21 September 202218:0019:45
    Monday26 September 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday28 September 202218:0019:45
    Monday3 October 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday5 October 202218:0019:45
    Monday10 October 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday12 October 202218:0019:45
    Monday17 October 202218:0019:45
    Wednesday19 October 202218:0019:45


  • Starting date: 28 June 2022 (Utrecht)
    Tuesday28 June 202209:0010:45
    Thursday30 June 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday5 July 202209:0010:45
    Thursday7 July 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday12 July 202209:0010:45
    Thursday14 July 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday19 July 202209:0010:45
    Thursday21 July 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday26 July 202209:0010:45
    Thursday28 July 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday2 August 202209:0010:45
    Thursday4 August 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday9 August 202209:0010:45
    Thursday11 August 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday16 August 202209:0010:45
    Thursday18 August 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday23 August 202209:0010:45
    Thursday25 August 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday30 August 202209:0010:45
    Thursday1 September 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday6 September 202209:0010:45
    Thursday8 September 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday13 September 202209:0010:45
    Thursday15 September 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday20 September 202209:0010:45
    Thursday22 September 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday27 September 202209:0010:45
    Thursday29 September 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday4 October 202209:0010:45
    Thursday6 October 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday11 October 202209:0010:45
    Thursday13 October 202209:0010:45
    Tuesday18 October 202209:0010:45
    Thursday20 October 202209:0010:45


  • Starting date: 28 June 2022 (Virtual Classroom)
    Tuesday28 June 202215:1517:00
    Thursday30 June 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday5 July 202215:1517:00
    Thursday7 July 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday12 July 202215:1517:00
    Thursday14 July 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday19 July 202215:1517:00
    Thursday21 July 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday26 July 202215:1517:00
    Thursday28 July 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday2 August 202215:1517:00
    Thursday4 August 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday9 August 202215:1517:00
    Thursday11 August 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday16 August 202215:1517:00
    Thursday18 August 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday23 August 202215:1517:00
    Thursday25 August 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday30 August 202215:1517:00
    Thursday1 September 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday6 September 202215:1517:00
    Thursday8 September 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday13 September 202215:1517:00
    Thursday15 September 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday20 September 202215:1517:00
    Thursday22 September 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday27 September 202215:1517:00
    Thursday29 September 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday4 October 202215:1517:00
    Thursday6 October 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday11 October 202215:1517:00
    Thursday13 October 202215:1517:00
    Tuesday18 October 202215:1517:00
    Thursday20 October 202215:1517:00


  • Starting date: 5 September 2022 (Virtual Classroom)
    Monday5 September 202218:0019:45
    Thursday8 September 202218:0019:45
    Monday12 September 202218:0019:45
    Thursday15 September 202218:0019:45
    Monday19 September 202218:0019:45
    Thursday22 September 202218:0019:45
    Monday26 September 202218:0019:45
    Thursday29 September 202218:0019:45
    Monday3 October 202218:0019:45
    Thursday6 October 202218:0019:45
    Monday10 October 202218:0019:45
    Thursday13 October 202218:0019:45
    Monday17 October 202218:0019:45
    Thursday20 October 202218:0019:45
    Monday24 October 202218:0019:45
    Thursday27 October 202218:0019:45
    Monday31 October 202218:0019:45
    Thursday3 November 202218:0019:45
    Monday14 November 202218:0019:45
    Thursday17 November 202218:0019:45
    Monday21 November 202218:0019:45
    Thursday24 November 202218:0019:45
    Monday28 November 202218:0019:45
    Thursday1 December 202218:0019:45
    Monday5 December 202218:0019:45
    Thursday8 December 202218:0019:45
    Monday12 December 202218:0019:45
    Thursday15 December 202218:0019:45
    Monday19 December 202218:0019:45
    Thursday22 December 202218:0019:45
    Monday2 January 202318:0019:45
    Thursday5 January 202318:0019:45
    Monday9 January 202318:0019:45
    Thursday12 January 202318:0019:45


  • Starting date: 6 September 2022 (Utrecht)
    Tuesday6 September 202220:0021:45
    Thursday8 September 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday13 September 202220:0021:45
    Thursday15 September 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday20 September 202220:0021:45
    Thursday22 September 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday27 September 202220:0021:45
    Thursday29 September 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday4 October 202220:0021:45
    Thursday6 October 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday11 October 202220:0021:45
    Thursday13 October 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday18 October 202220:0021:45
    Thursday20 October 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday25 October 202220:0021:45
    Thursday27 October 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday1 November 202220:0021:45
    Thursday3 November 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday15 November 202220:0021:45
    Thursday17 November 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday22 November 202220:0021:45
    Thursday24 November 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday29 November 202220:0021:45
    Thursday1 December 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday6 December 202220:0021:45
    Thursday8 December 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday13 December 202220:0021:45
    Thursday15 December 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday20 December 202220:0021:45
    Thursday22 December 202220:0021:45
    Tuesday3 January 202320:0021:45
    Thursday5 January 202320:0021:45
    Tuesday10 January 202320:0021:45
    Thursday12 January 202320:0021:45


  • Starting date: 7 September 2022 (Virtual Classroom)
    Wednesday7 September 202215:1517:00
    Friday9 September 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday14 September 202215:1517:00
    Friday16 September 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday21 September 202215:1517:00
    Friday23 September 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday28 September 202215:1517:00
    Friday30 September 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday5 October 202215:1517:00
    Friday7 October 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday12 October 202215:1517:00
    Friday14 October 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday19 October 202215:1517:00
    Friday21 October 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday26 October 202215:1517:00
    Friday28 October 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday2 November 202215:1517:00
    Friday4 November 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday16 November 202215:1517:00
    Friday18 November 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday23 November 202215:1517:00
    Friday25 November 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday30 November 202215:1517:00
    Friday2 December 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday7 December 202215:1517:00
    Friday9 December 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday14 December 202215:1517:00
    Friday16 December 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday21 December 202215:1517:00
    Friday23 December 202215:1517:00
    Wednesday4 January 202315:1517:00
    Friday6 January 202315:1517:00
    Wednesday11 January 202315:1517:00
    Friday13 January 202315:1517:00


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