Date : 17 October 2023 Categories : Blog, Medewerkers aan het woord

Interview with Marloes Spook: “Applying the language in real situations is crucial”

Marloes Spook has been working at Babel as an NT2 teacher and course developer for over a year now. Her energy and commitment make her a valuable asset to the team.

How did you get into the profession?

While studying Language and Cultural Studies at Utrecht University, I got the idea to get my NT2 certificate. In the third year of my studies, I did an internship in Budapest with the Department of Dutch Studies at a university. There, students were learning Dutch and I acted as a student assistant. My duties included assisting with lessons, supervising individual students and giving feedback. I really enjoyed doing this and that’s how the ball got rolling!

What is your role at Babel?

At Babel I teach different levels, from beginners to advanced. I also have other educational duties, such as supervising internships, observing lessons of other teachers and developing teaching materials. I enjoy this and it makes the work varied.

What is your teaching method?

I strongly believe in creating a positive atmosphere in my classes. I encourage interaction and discussion; it’s fun when students exchange ideas. For example, you have students who listen to a lot of Dutch music. Then it’s fun if they tell the rest of the group which artists they listen to. It is important to do these things and not just sit with your nose in the books. Furthermore, I try to use humor to put students at ease. Finally, I encourage students to use Dutch regularly in their daily lives, such as at work and in social situations. Practicing and applying the language in real situations is crucial!

What challenges do you encounter while teaching?

I try to challenge myself to explain grammar in a fun way. For example, by presenting it in a sort of game so that students can practice it themselves, because sometimes it can be pretty dry material in books.

What gives you satisfaction in your work?

It gives me great satisfaction to see how students successfully learn Dutch and achieve their goals. Sometimes long after the course ends, I’ll run into students who have developed even further. That is always very nice to see!

What are your plans for the future or ambitions?

Language teaching is a journey full of challenges and rewards, and I am thrilled to be part of this great team. I look forward to continuing my passion for language teaching and helping more students achieve their learning goals at Babel.

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