Korean level 1

Level: Beginner (0/A2)

Korean language is gaining more interest with the increasing popularity of South Korean culture and its fast growing economy. This course will teach you the basics of Korean language and help you on your way to start using Korean in daily conversation. Test

All our on-site courses will be taught in the virtual classroom, at least until 20 April. For upcoming face-to-face courses we are working on the basis of several possible scenarios as regards the courses starting in the week of April 19th. These are outlined here for you.
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Starting from 22 April 2021

About Korean level 1

Korean level 1

This course will prepare you to interact with Koreans for whether you go to Korea on holiday, go on a study exchange or for business purposes.

  • You will master Hangul, the Korean alphabet.
  • You will learn the basics that will help you to understand Korean sentence structure.
  • You will be able to form basic sentences, for example asking directions and talking about your schedule.

Not only will you study the linguistic aspect, but as language and culture are closely connected you will learn what is culturally appropriate in various situations.

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Learning goals

This course is aimed at those who wish to achieve level A1-.
You can start this level without any prior knowledge of Korean

After completing this course…

  • You will be able to read, write and pronounce Hangul
  • You will be able to introduce and tell something about yourself in Korean
  • You will be able to ask for or give directions
  • You will be able to form and answer simple questions

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In this course you will use the textbook and workbook of ‘Integrated Korean Beginning 1 second edition’. Please make sure to order the required materials on time, as there might be some delay in delivery.

During class there will be listening, speaking and writing practice. The instructor will explain the vocabulary and grammar, and provide extra examples. Some assignments will be done individually or in pairs. If there is enough time there will be additional games.

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Time investment

This Korean level 1 course consists of 9 sessions at Babel in Utrecht.

The advised self-study load is 2-3 hours a week. It is important not only to do your homework, but also to regularly spend time working on building up your vocabulary.

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  • This course is offered both on-site and in the virtual classroom. You can enrol for your preferred option using the buttons above. All our on-site classes are taught in a small group. You can find an overview of all the measures we have taken against the coronavirus here.
  • The classes will be given in English, but additional Dutch explanation is possible when needed.
  • In this course you will use the textbook and workbook of ‘Integrated Korean Beginning 1 second edition’. Please make sure to order the required materials on time, as there might be some delay in delivery. You can order your books here.
  • Students are expected to make workbook assignments and memorize vocabulary as there will be vocabulary tests.
  • If you work or study at Utrecht University you will receive a 15% discount. Please register with your UU email address. Your registration will then be processed automatically.

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  • Starting date: 22 April 2021
    Thursday22 April 202120:1521:45
    Thursday29 April 202120:1521:45
    Thursday6 May 202120:1521:45
    Thursday20 May 202120:1521:45
    Thursday27 May 202120:1521:45
    Thursday3 June 202120:1521:45
    Thursday10 June 202120:1521:45
    Thursday17 June 202120:1521:45
    Thursday24 June 202120:1521:45

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