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Dutch courses

Dutch language courses in Utrecht

Dutch language courses in Utrecht

Dutch coursesWe have a wide range of Dutch language courses to offer: from beginner courses to courses for speakers of German and courses for foreign doctors. Babel can help everybody, whether they are students who would like to learn the basics of Dutch, people who would like to take the Staatsexamen or people who simply want to perfect their Dutch language skills.

Babel gears its courses towards people with a higher educational background: the pace of learning is quite high, and students need to be able to speak English, which is the language of instruction (at least at the start of the course).

Placement test

Especially for non-Dutch speakers Babel has developed a placement test with which you can assess your language level. You do not need to do this placement test if you wish to take an Elementary course. For all other course levels the placement test is mandatory. This test has two parts (multiple choice questions and a writing task) which are marked by a language trainer. If in doubt, the trainer will contact you for an interview. Please note that it can take up to 5 working days until your language level is assessed. You can take the placement test online via this website

Dutch course Utrecht No. of lessons Start level Target level Fee Starting date
General Dutch
Dutch level 1 9 0 A1- €165 15 Feb.
Dutch level 1 (online) 8 0 A1- €145 6 Mar.
Dutch level 1 for refugees (online) 8 0 A1- €145 6 Mar.
Dutch level 2 9 A1- A1+ €165 9 Feb.
Dutch level 2 (online) 8 A1- A1+ €145 6 Feb.
Dutch level 3 9 A1+ A2 €165 20 Apr.
Elementary Dutch (A) 34 0 A2 €695 6 Feb.
Elementary Dutch: Intensive Course (A) 34 0 A2 €695 18 Apr.
Intermediate Dutch (B1) 34 A2 B1 €695 18 Apr.
Intermediate Dutch: Intensive Course (B1) 34 A2 B1 €695 18 Apr.
Upper-Intermediate Dutch (B2) 34 B1 B2 €695 6 Feb.
Upper-Intermediate Dutch: Intensive Course (B2) 34 B1 B2 €695 6 Feb.
Advanced Dutch: Speaking & Writing (B2/C1) 17 B2 C1- €435 6 Feb.
Advanced Dutch (C1/C2) 17 C1- C1++ €435 7 Feb.
Dutch for State Exam
Preparation course State exam NT2 I 16 B1 B1 €435 18 Apr.
Preparation course State exam NT2 II 16 B2 B2+ €435 6 Feb.
Orientation Dutch labour market 9 B1 B1 €195 21 Apr.
Dutch for German Speakers
Dutch for German Speakers (Beginners) 17 0 A2 €375 7 Feb.
Dutch for German Speakers (Intermediate) 17 A2 B2 €375 7 Feb.
Dutch for German Speakers (Advanced) 17 B2 C1 €375 18 Apr.
Dutch for Doctors and Dentists
Dutch exam training for the Medical Assessment 8 B2 B2+ €475 7 Feb.
Mastering effective patient communication in Dutch 5 B2 B2+ €395
Speech therapy No. of lessons Start level Target level Fee Starting date
Workshop Speech Therapy: Dutch sounds, this is how you pronounce them 1 A1+ €45 25 Jan.
Workshop Speech Therapy: this will make your Dutch sound really Dutch! 1 A1+ €45 1 Feb.

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Why choose Babel?

  • Excellent teachers
  • Clear and flexible contract
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Competitive pricing

Course materials

You can order books through this page.

What's my current level?

» Dutch placement test.
» English placement test.
» For other languages, Dialiang is a language diagnosis system developed by many European higher education institutions. It reports your level of skill against the Common European Framework (CEF) for language learning. You can download Dialang here.

Course venue

Courses of Babel take place at either the Nieuwegracht or the University College Utrecht campus. Select a start date to view the course location. Free parking is available.


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