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Hi, it’s great to see you!

We’re Babel and now we’re online too, with our e-learning package of language and communication courses. We’ve been giving these courses offline for many years, but now they’re available online too. So you can still benefit from our high-quality courses, only now you can do them wherever and whenever you want! Choose your own place to study, a time that suits you and your own computer, and it’s ready, steady, GO!

What do you need to do? Enrol now for one of the 6 e-learning courses below, or even all six of them! They will help you develop yourself, in your own time, with e-learning. Achieve your ambitions with our e-learning package!

If you’d like to discuss your wishes with one of our teaching advisors, get in touch with Heleen, Rose or Desiree (030-2270008)

Demo courses

Are you interested in our online courses and would you like to take sneak peak? Take a look at our free demo courses. Just click on one of the courses below and take a look at the demo course of that online course.

Course No. of weeks Start level Target level Fee
Dutch level 1 8 0 A1- €145,-
Dutch level 1 for refugees 8 0 A1- €145
Dutch level 2 8 A1- A1+ €145,-
Dutch level 2 for refugees 8 A1- A1+ €145
Dutch level 3 8 A1+ A2 €145
Effective Doctor-Patient Communication in Dutch 5 B2 B2+ €425,-
Brush up your English 8 B1+ B2 €125,-
Brush up your Pronunciation 8 B1+ B2 €55,-
Brush up your Vocabulary and Common Collocations 8 B1+ B2 €55,-
Brush up your Grammar – Verb Tenses 8 B1+ B2 €55,-
Brush up your Grammar – Word order 8 B1+ B2 €55,-
Academic Writing 10 B2 B2+ €245,-
Teaching in English (blended) 5 B2 B2+ €545,-
Business English (blended) 8 B2 B2+ €395,-
HR Business English (blended) 6 B1+ B2+ €795,-


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