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Complaints Procedure

Should you by any chance be dissatisfied with Babel’s services, you can file a formal complaint. The complaint has to be filed within ten working days after the end of the training, or the delivery of the product.

Send you complaint via e-mail ( or per letter (Postbus 426, 3500 AK, Utrecht) to Babel and address it to the director (Mr Gebuis). Please state the subject of your complaint clearly, and to which employee(s) it applies. If your complaint refers to an incident, please describe the incident and mention the date on which the incident took place. Within five working days you will receive a written confirmation with an indication of the period in which you may expect a substantive response. This period runs up to 28 days after reception of the complaint.

The Babel management will present you with a written solution (per letter or e-mail). If necessary, a conversation can be arranged with the management. If you do not agree to the solution presented, the option exists to appeal to an independent third party, namely Mr Paul Herfs, confidential advisor of Utrecht University.


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