Preparation course AKV / Language test (for academic professions)

In order to pass the AKV or Language Test your language level must be at least level B2+ in both Dutch and English. On average, it takes one and a half years to prepare for the AKV or Language test. Depending on the available (self) study time the preparation can be completed in more or less time.

What does the course look like?

By following the steps below you can reach this level and prepare for this test. Do you want to determine your current language level to know with which course you should follow? If so, take this placement test free of charge and without obligation and get a good indication of your current language level.

Step 1: Beginners Dutch course (A0-A2)
Step 2: Intermediate Dutch course (A2-B1)
Step 3: Advanced course Dutch (B1-B2)
Step 4: Advanced course Dutch (C1)
Step 5: Exam training for Dutch AKV and Language test

All courses are offered both in the virtual classroom and F2F in the center of Utrecht. Most courses have different intensity levels: 1, 2 or 4 lessons per week. You can choose the variant that best fits your personal situation.