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Babel scores 97.9% in CEDEO customer satisfaction survey

The CEDEO accreditation is an indispensable guide when selecting a (language) course. Nowadays, there is an overwhelming variety of courses to choose from, which makes it difficult to see the wood for the trees. CEDEO, an independent and certified body for the HR sector, helps to draw up a suitable shortlist through their quality mark. The basis for recognition is a satisfaction survey among clients that is repeated every two years to ensure topicality.

A strong recommendation

This year, Babel again scored excellent in the CEDEO customer satisfaction surveys for the tailor-made programmes. As much as 97.9% of our customers are (very) satisfied with our services, our CEDEO accreditation has been extended for the next 2 years. Click here for our certificate (PDF). The respondents indicated that they benefited greatly from our language training and that they appreciate Babel’s personal approach. Many participants stated that their grammar knowledge had been refreshed and their pronunciation had improved thanks to the language training. All respondents say without a doubt that they would recommend Babel’s courses to others.

Babel training courses are practical and tailor-made

The way in which the needs of the client and the participant are assessed is appreciated. A language level test, for example, is a standard part of the intake. The fact that the training content is adapted to the needs of the employer and participants is highly appreciated. For example, we can zoom in on professional jargon and work on specific work assignments. If desired, and if the interim evaluation shows this to be the case, the training programme can be adjusted along the way.

Babel’s teachers are praised for their knowledge and experience

The customer survey shows that Babel’s language trainers are good at conveying the course material. The respondents appreciate the expertise and empathy of the teachers. The Babel trainers are able to translate the needs into teaching methods. The training material is also adapted to the wishes of the participants. The possibility of Blended Learning, a combination of classroom language lessons with e-learning modules, is highly appreciated.

Interested in a tailor-made programme?

Here you will find more information about our customised programmes. Any questions? Our educational advisors will be happy to help.

Tailor-made programme

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