Tailor-made courses

Babel has broad experience in providing tailor-made language courses for individuals, businesses and educational institutions. Our tailor-made courses take your specific learning goals into account. We have a solution for almost all the language and communication-related challenges you may face. Babel has an exceptional team of language teachers who will coach you to get the best out of yourself and to communicate with confidence. 97.9% of our customers reported as being very satisfied with our services.

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Why should you follow a tailor-made language course at Babel?

Our language courses:
Choose a course in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Indonesian.

Choose the most suitable location for you: 
Our language courses can be given at a location of your choice: in one of our virtual classrooms, on-site at Babel, or in your company’s premises.

Flexible learning to fit your schedule:
You’ll always find a course to suit your schedule. It’s nearly always possible to start your course within two weeks.

Personal attention:
It is our aim to support you from the start of the course until the end. In your private lessons you will receive the full and undivided attention that you need.

Learning in your own career context with a teacher with knowledge from your field.

For example you can choose to combine classroom lessons with e-learning. We will customise a learning plan with you.

Choose the tailor-made language course that suits you

A tailor-made language course is an effective way of meeting your personal goals and objectives. You can choose the topics which will be discussed, define the schedule in a way that suits your calendar, choose the location where the course will take place, determine specific learning objectives, and discuss the type of teaching that works best for you.

For individuals
Most individuals choose to take a private course, although it’s possible to follow a language course with someone else if you want to. Individual courses will take place in our building in Utrecht or online in the virtual classroom. You also can combine your courses with e-learning.

For companies:
Babel offers a wide range of services. For example, a tailor-made programme for new international employees or an organisational scan to provide a complete picture of the language level of employees. There is also the possibility for students to continue improving their language skills, even after they have finished the courses, using Babel’s Continuous Learning System (CLS).

To make sure you start a course at the right level for you, Babel offers a (free of charge) language level test. Based on the results, you will receive personal advice from one of our teachers. During the intake, we will discuss the results of the language test to create a tailor-made course for you.

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Our online options for tailor-made language course

The advantage of an online tailor-made program is that you can work on your language skills from the comfort of your home or office. We offer lessons in the virtual classroom and in the form of e-learning. Below we explain the difference between the two methods.

E-learning (tailor-made)
Interactive learning content, videos and online exercises are part of the e-learning process. You can take these online courses and modules in your own pace and time. During the e-learning courses, you will receive feedback from an experienced teacher on your assignments.
Virtual classroom
In the virtual classroom, you will follow lessons online with other students at a fixed time, working with a trainer. The virtual classroom offers you a lot of functional tools, such as an interactive whiteboard and live quizzes to test your knowledge and language level.

What to expect from the classes?

Our language courses can be seamlessly adapted to suit your schedule and your learning objectives. This will ensure you get the most out of a course. Below you can see an example of the learning approach:

Before the course, our teaching advisors will get in touch with you to create a program based on your goals.During the course, we closely observe your progress. The teacher will guide you through the process.At the end of the course, you can choose to take an (official) final examination to determine your current level.

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Cultural Awareness

Language and culture are inseparable. The evolution of language is often formed by the culture(s) it is used in. That’s why we pay special attention during our courses to the relations between the language and culture. During the courses, we will discuss, for example, differences in norms, manners, hierarchy and aspects of non-verbal communication in the cultures your language is spoken in. You will thus develop intercultural skills and learn to work effectively with foreign colleagues or customers. The course is completely tailored to the industry in which your organisation operates.

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Get advice about our tailor-made courses

Are you interested in an individual language course? And would you like to know more about the possibilities? We are happy to help you get started! Call us on 030 – 227 0008 or email advice@babel.nl.

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