Date : 15 October 2021 Categories : News

Blik op Werk about Babel

Within the framework of the Blik op Werk quality mark, an inspection takes place in the classroom every four years. An inspector talks to the education manager, attends lessons and afterwards talks to students and teachers. In the inspection report, the lessons and the organisation of Babel are described as follows:

The management is strong and professional, the teaching team experienced and involved. Students find this language provider from all over the world, convinced that they will learn the Dutch language in a thorough and appealing way. Important core values of the organisation are independence and personal responsibility for the learning process.

The learning line and structure of the lessons are clear and well-organised. The teachers know how to make a good link between the study material and the experiences and interests of the students. Many subtleties of Dutch society are dealt with in the lessons. Various social aspects are addressed and there is ample attention for cultural differences. The teachers know how to stimulate the course members’ interests.

A variety of exercise forms are used to bring about communication between the course members. The teachers know how to formulate the instructions briefly and concisely so that the course members can start working immediately. This contributes to a high learning efficiency. The course members work in a relaxed and concentrated manner and are treated with respect.

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