Arabic 4 (A1 → A1+)

Level: Beginner (0/A2)

Are you learning Arabic and want to take your language skills to the next level? Or have you followed the Arabic level 3 course and want to develop yourself further? In Arabic level 4, you will work towards language level A1+.

Please note: this course is given in Dutch.


This course is not currently scheduled. Could a private course be something for you? Or take a look at our other group courses.

About Arabic 4

In this course, you will go deeper in speaking, writing and listening. Together with your fellow students, you practise having a practical conversation and talking about your future plans. You will also work on practical matters such as telling the time or using an Arabic dictionary.

You practice specific grammar rules, such as negatives, comparatives and superlatives, past and future verb conjugations, broken plurals and cases. You can use this knowledge immediately when writing about, for example, studies, work, politics, travel or dreams for the future. Moreover, by the end of the course, your writing skills will be such that you can write a relatively long text, such as a travel report or a blog article.

The course is suitable if you have completed Arabic level 3 or if you have achieved A1 level through other means. Not sure what your language level is? Then take our free placement test.

Learning goals

In the Arabic Level 4 course, you work towards language level A1+.

After completing this course you will be:

  • able to express your views and talk about your experiences in Arabic.
  • more confident when speaking with native Arabic speakers.
  • ready for the Arabic level 5 course.

At Babel, you will learn Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). This is the official language in the Arab world and is used in the media, books, newspapers and documents. The spoken language is different in every region, but if you master MSA, it is relatively easy to then learn a dialect of a particular country or area.


  • As a teaching method, we use the book Mastering Arabic 1. This method contains a varied range of texts and exercises. Thanks to the accompanying website and app, you will be able to learn the Arabic language in an interactive and constructive way.
  • During the meetings, we address the questions you have in response to the self-study. We then briefly repeat the words and grammar from the previous lesson, after which we start the new exercises in class, individually or in groups. When working with other course members, the emphasis is on speaking and conversational skills.

Time investment

  • Arabic 4 consists of 9 sessions of 1,5 hours at Babel in Utrecht or in the virtual classroom.
  • To ensure that you learn as much as possible from the classes, you should expect to spend approximately 2 to 3 hours per week on study and the completion of materials and assignments, which will be discussed during the classes.


  • The teacher will speak Arabic as much as possible. Participants can ask questions in Arabic or in Dutch.
  • You can order the necessary books for this course via our website’s Order Books page. You should make sure to have the book before the start of the first lesson.
  • You will receive a certificate if you attend at least 8 of the 9 classes.
  • Do you work at Utrecht University or are you registered as an (exchange) student at the university? Then you get a 15% discount on this course! Register with your UU e-mail address, and the discount will be automatically processed.