Dutch language test for medical practitioners from the EEA


If you wish to work in the Netherlands as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist psychotherapist or health care psychologist you must be enrolled in the BIG register. As of 1 January 2017, proof of language proficiency is mandatory for the BIG registration. In the following cases you also need to obtain an additional certificate:

  • You obtained your certificate within the European Economic Area (EEA) and your certificate can automatically be recognised.
  • Your education in the Netherlands was given in English.

Having successfully completed the Dutch language test, the certificate you receive is proof of your language skills and is valid for two years. The certificate is one of the requirements for registration in the BIG register. For further information concerning your BIG registration contact the BIG register.

Dutch Language test

The Dutch language test tests your knowledge and skills of the Dutch language. In order to pass the language test, your level of the Dutch language needs to be at B2/C1 level. The provided information is in Dutch.

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