Summer courses Utrecht

Summer is coming around again! In cooperation with Utrecht University, Babel is organising more than 30 English and Dutch courses this summer. Besides the language courses, accommodation and social activities will be provided.

Utrecht Summer School

Utrecht Summer School

Experiences of Summer School student

One of the students that attended an English course in Utrecht in 2018 is Pierpaolo, who comes from Italy. We asked him about his experience.

“I really enjoyed sharing my culture and experiences with other students. We were not only taught in the classical form, but we also learned the language by debating and getting to know each other. So it was much more than simply listening to a teacher and doing homework. We improved our communication skills and relationships at the same time.”

Frequently asked questions

Are the summer courses on-site or online?
We offer various summer courses. For each course it is always indicated in which form(s) it can be taken. For many courses you can also choose whether you take it on location or online.
How do I know if I am starting my course at the right level?
Would you like to know what your current level is? Then take the free level test and get a good indication of your current language level. Based on the results, you can choose the language course that suits you best.
Will I receive a certificate after the course?
You will receive a certificate for the course if you have attended at least 80% of the meetings. You will receive the certificate during the last lesson. Missed the last lesson? Ask the Service Desk about your certificate.
What is the Utrecht Summer School?
In collaboration with the Utrecht Summer School, Babel organizes several courses. The uniqueness of Utrecht Summer School is that you broaden your horizon in an international group and get to know your fellow students through activities.