Korean level 2

Level: Beginner (0/A2)

Would you like to impress your Korean business partner? Or are you planning on visiting Seoul? This course will teach you more about the basics of Korean language and help you on your way to use Korean in daily conversation.

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Starting from 19 November 2020

Virtual classroom

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Starting from 17 November 2020

About the Korean Level 2 course

This course will continue on where Korean level 1 left off and prepare you further to interact with Koreans for whether you go to Korea on holiday, go on a study exchange or for business purposes.

Through this course you will learn…

  • How to use basic grammar, verb tenses and different speech styles, which will enable you to carry a more extensive conversation.
  • What is culturally appropriate in various situations.

Studying Korean through this course is not just about listening to the instructor and filling in your workbook, but through games and audiovisual material the students can learn Korean in a fun way.

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Learning goals

This course is aimed at those who wish to achieve level A1.
This course follows after Korean Level 1. You can also start this course with level A1-.

After completing this course…

  • You will learn to ask and tell about destination and purpose
  • You will learn to talk about present and past activities
  • You will be able to use various verb tenses
  • You will learn about the different speech styles
  • You will be able to conjugate verbs and apply basic grammar
  • You will be able to give extensive directions

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In this course you will use the textbook and workbook of ‘Integrated Korean Beginning 1 second edition’.

During class there will be listening, speaking and writing practice. The instructor will explain the vocabulary and grammar, and provide extra examples. Some assignments will be done individually or in pairs. If there is enough time there will be additional games.

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Time investment

This Korean level 2 course consists of 9 sessions at Babel in Utrecht.

The advised self-study load is 2-3 hours a week. It is important not only to do your homework, but also to regularly spend time working on building up your vocabulary.

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  • In this course you will use the textbook and workbook of ‘Integrated Korean Beginning 1 second edition’. Please make sure to order the required materials on time, as there might be some delay in delivery.
  • The classes will be given in English, but additional Dutch explanation is possible when needed.
  • Students are expected to make workbook assignments and memorize vocabulary as there will be vocabulary tests.
  • If you work or study at Utrecht University you will receive a 15% discount. Please register with your UU email address. Your registration will then be processed automatically.

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  • Starting date: 17 November 2020 (Virtual Classroom)
    Tuesday17 November 202018:3020:00
    Tuesday24 November 202018:3020:00
    Tuesday1 December 202018:3020:00
    Tuesday8 December 202018:3020:00
    Tuesday15 December 202018:3020:00
    Tuesday5 January 202118:3020:00
    Tuesday12 January 202118:3020:00
    Tuesday19 January 202118:3020:00
    Tuesday26 January 202118:3020:00

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  • Starting date: 19 November 2020 (Utrecht)
    Thursday19 November 202019:0020:30
    Thursday26 November 202019:0020:30
    Thursday3 December 202019:0020:30
    Thursday10 December 202019:0020:30
    Thursday17 December 202019:0020:30
    Thursday7 January 202119:0020:30
    Thursday14 January 202119:0020:30
    Thursday21 January 202119:0020:30
    Thursday28 January 202119:0020:30

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