Portuguese 7 course (A2+ → B1-)

Level: Intermediate (A2/B1)

In this course, we will work on your speaking and listening skills using recent articles and discussing them with the group. You will work towards language level B1-.

Please note: this course is given in Dutch.



Starting from 4 September 2024

About Portuguese 7

At this level, you will mainly develop your speaking and listening skills. You will further develop your knowledge of Portuguese by listening to news or videos, or by reading recent articles and talking about them with the group. During the course, you will have the opportunity in every lesson to practice and further improve your speaking skills.

This course follows on Portuguese level 6, but can also be taken separately if you have A2+ level. Not sure what your language level is? Then take our free placement test.


Learning goals

In Portuguese level 7, you will work towards language level B1-.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • extract the main points from everyday messages.
  • hold an everyday conversation in Portuguese without too much effort.
  • get by in most situations that may arise while living or travelling in Portuguese-speaking areas.



  • As a teaching method, we use the book Portugues XXI – nova edicao 2. You can order the required books for this course via our Order Books page. We count on everyone to have the material with them on the first lesson.
  • Music and adapted exercises are widely used to promote language learning.
  • We focus on speaking and listening skills.


Time investment

  • Portuguese 7 consists of 9 sessions of 1,5 hours at Babel in Utrecht or in the virtual classroom.
  • To ensure that you can benefit the most from the classes, you should expect to spend approximately 2 to 3 hours per week on study and the completion of materials and assignments, which will be discussed during the classes.



  • The teacher will speak Portuguese as much as possible. Participants can ask questions in Portuguese or in Dutch.
  • You can order the necessary books for this course via our website’s Order Books page. You should make sure to have the book before the start of the first lesson.
  • You will receive a certificate if you attend at least 8 of the 9 classes.
  • Do you work at Utrecht University or are you registered as an (exchange) student at the university? Then you get a 15% discount on this course! Register with your UU e-mail address, and the discount will be automatically processed.



  • Starting date: 4 September 2024 (Virtual Classroom)
    Day Date Start End
    Wednesday 4 September 2024 19:00 20:30
    Wednesday 11 September 2024 19:00 20:30
    Wednesday 18 September 2024 19:00 20:30
    Wednesday 25 September 2024 19:00 20:30
    Wednesday 2 October 2024 19:00 20:30
    Wednesday 9 October 2024 19:00 20:30
    Wednesday 16 October 2024 19:00 20:30
    Wednesday 23 October 2024 19:00 20:30
    Wednesday 6 November 2024 19:00 20:30