Business English Upper-Intermediate course (B1 → B2)

Level: Upper-Intermediate (B1/B2)

Would you like to improve or refresh your Business English skills for your current job or for a new role? Do you sometimes wish you were more persuasive when speaking English? Or do you sometimes struggle to find the right words to express your opinions? This course will help you to achieve your professional goals in a way that is flexible to your professional language-learning needs.

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Starting from 14 November 2022

+ 1 more dates

About the course

In this course you will look at how to improve your business communication, both spoken and written. You will work with one of our expert language trainers on a range of professional tasks and projects that will allow you to put your newly-obtained skills into practice in your own work. Intercultural communication and business small-talk will be a part of the course.

In this B2 course, you will learn how to speak more persuasively. For example when presenting but also when trying to argue for your point of view. We will work together on your presentation skills, including handling tricky questions and situations during the presentation, and help you to become more spontaneous and fluent in your speech. You will also look at business writing skills so you can become more accurate and efficient when you need to write in English.


Learning goals

You can start this course if your level is B1. By the end of the course you will have:

  • developed your Business English vocabulary so you can express yourself better in a business context;
  • learned how to express more nuanced opinions and give convincing presentations and pitches in English;
  • enhanced your knowledge of Business English writing conventions, improved your own business writing skills and practised writing clear and structured emails;
  • learned how to work more effectively in intercultural business settings;
  • become more confident communicating in your workplace.



  • We will work on practical exercises with an emphasis on cooperative work and task-based activities such as short presentations. Vocabulary development will be done in class and at home. Grammar will be revised when necessary. You will receive regular feedback on your spoken and written skills.
  • The teacher will challenge you (and the group) to get the most out of the course. Due to our personal approach, you will be able to work on your own learning goals in a welcoming and safe teaching environment.


Time Investment

  • This course will take place over nine weeks.
  • In addition to these sessions, you should give at least 2 hours each week to self-study and completion of homework.



  • The language of instruction is English.
  • You can order the book for this course via our book page. We expect that all students will have the course materials with them for their first lesson.
  • You will receive a certificate of participation if you attend at least 8 meetings.
  • If you work or study at Utrecht University you will receive a 15% discount. Please register with your UU email address. Your registration will then be processed automatically.



  • Starting date: 14 November 2022 (Utrecht)
    Day Date Start End
    Monday 14 November 2022 18:00 19:45
    Monday 21 November 2022 18:00 19:45
    Monday 28 November 2022 18:00 19:45
    Monday 5 December 2022 18:00 19:45
    Monday 12 December 2022 18:00 19:45
    Monday 19 December 2022 18:00 19:45
    Monday 2 January 2023 18:00 19:45
    Monday 9 January 2023 18:00 19:45
    Monday 16 January 2023 18:00 19:45


  • Starting date: 15 November 2022 (Virtual Classroom)
    Day Date Start End
    Tuesday 15 November 2022 15:15 17:00
    Tuesday 22 November 2022 15:15 17:00
    Tuesday 29 November 2022 15:15 17:00
    Tuesday 6 December 2022 15:15 17:00
    Tuesday 13 December 2022 15:15 17:00
    Tuesday 20 December 2022 15:15 17:00
    Tuesday 3 January 2023 15:15 17:00
    Tuesday 10 January 2023 15:15 17:00
    Tuesday 17 January 2023 15:15 17:00


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