Upper-Intermediate Dutch Conversation course (B2)

Level: Intermediate (B1/B2)

Do you already have a good general level of Dutch but sometimes find speaking difficult? Do you feel uncertain about participating in conversations? In this course, we focus on improving your spoken skills.

Classroom course

€ 225,00

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Starting from 17 November 2021

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About the course

Zakelijk Engels standaardzinnen

In this conversation course, you will practice different types of spoken communication, broaden your vocabulary, and work on your pronunciation. You will receive feedback from both your teacher and your classmates so that you know which areas you need to work on and how you can achieve this.

In the first lesson, the teacher will ask all students to share their learning goals, so that the course programme can be adapted to suit all students’ needs. In every lesson, you will discuss current affairs and listen to (or give) presentations.

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Learning goals

In this course you will work on your spoken English skills at level B2. This course is suitable for you if you have completed your NT2 Programme 2 exams or have otherwise reached B2.
By the end of the course, you will have

  • more self-confidence when speaking Dutch
  • an expanded vocabulary
  • improved your pronunciation

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In this course, you will work with your fellow students on a variety of speaking activities. For example, you might describe personal experiences and events, or look at how to interact during discussions and meetings. There is also space to focus on more abstract topics related to current affairs, cultural differences, and society and politics.

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Time investment

This course consists of 9 classes of 1.5 hours at Babel’s teaching centre in Utrecht. In addition to this, you can expect to do 1-2 hours per class of preparation and self study.

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  • The language of instruction is Dutch
  • You will receive the lesson materials during the first class
  • You will receive a certificate of participation if you have attended at least eight of the nine sessions.
  • If you work or study at the Utrecht University, you receive a 15% discount on this course! Register with your UU email address, so we can automatically calculate this for you.

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  • Starting date: 17 November 2021
    Wednesday17 November 202109:0010:30
    Wednesday24 November 202109:0010:30
    Wednesday1 December 202109:0010:30
    Wednesday8 December 202109:0010:30
    Wednesday15 December 202109:0010:30
    Wednesday22 December 202109:0010:30
    Wednesday5 January 202209:0010:30
    Wednesday12 January 202209:0010:30
    Wednesday19 January 202209:0010:30

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  • Starting date: 17 November 2021
    Wednesday17 November 202120:1521:45
    Wednesday24 November 202120:1521:45
    Wednesday1 December 202120:1521:45
    Wednesday8 December 202120:1521:45
    Wednesday15 December 202120:1521:45
    Wednesday22 December 202120:1521:45
    Wednesday5 January 202220:1521:45
    Wednesday12 January 202220:1521:45
    Wednesday19 January 202220:1521:45

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