Speaking in English

Use the resources below to improve your English speaking skills.

This page contains useful links that explain the topic of pronunciation. It would be a lot simpler to pronounce English if the written form resembled the spoken form more closely. Some of the tools below allow you to listen to the words that you find hard to pronounce.

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English CentralEnglish Central has a variety of pronunciation videos that allow you to choose which sound you struggle most with. There are in depth explanations which use many linguistic terms, so it is wise to familiarise yourself with these first.B1-C2
HowjsayThis is a fantastic website which tells you how to pronounce any given word that you type in. You can then repeat the word back and click on the “definition” button to find out the word’s meaning.A1-C2
Tim’s Pronunciation WorkshopTim’s Pronunciation Workshop from BBC Learning English will help you to focus on a variety of different sounds, many of which are unique or special to the English language. Tim will not only teach you how to say certain sounds, he will explain why they are said as they are and give you the opportunity to repeat them back.A1-C2