Self-study English

Use the self-study tools below to improve your English independently. Self-study Tools IELTS

This page contains useful links that help you prepare for exams. Finally take a look at some of the resources that offer handy tools to memorise vocabulary.

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Exam Practice

Cambridge Assessment EnglishHere you can find information on all of the Cambridge Assessments from Pre A1 Starters to C2 Proficiency.A1-C2
ETS TOEFL  This website explains the TOEFL exam. This exam stands out as being both purely online and purely in American English. Explore this site to learn more about how it works and what you need to do to prepare for it.A2-C2
Exam EnglishThis page provides exam preparation for a variety of English language tests. As a result the website helps you to work out which exam is best for you and includes specific grammar and vocabulary tests.A1-C2
IELTSThe official IELTS website explains the exam (including how it is marked), tells you how to apply (and ask for special measures, such as extra time owing to a disability) and provides sample papers and answers.A2-C2
IELTS-Exam.netYou can gain an insight into the IELTS exam with a variety of sample tests and tips.A2-C2
IELTS Liz  This website is administered by an experienced IELTS trainer and examiner. She provides useful tips and suggestions that can help you to focus on your language development for the exam.A2-C2

Self-Study Tools

Anki FlashcardsThis website offers free flashcard software, making it easier to recall new words and phrases. Perfect when learning new vocabulary.A1-C2
BBC Learning EnglishThis website allows you to improve your knowledge of a broad range of aspects within the English language. BBC Learning English provides helpful videos with in depth explanations for idioms, pronunciation and grammar to name but a few.A1-C2
DuolingoDuolingo helps you learn a new language through exposing you to the target language through listening and reading exercises. Focus is largely on translating sentences from and to the target language (using your native language) as well as transcribing soundbites and repeating said soundbites to improve your pronunciation.A1-C2
Elevate Brain TrainerElevate is a cognitive training tool designed to build communication and analytical skills. Members are provided with a personalised game-based training programme that adjusts over time based on performance. As a result, this will shift to help your learning needs.B1-C2
Fluent in 3 MonthsThis website is a host to a variety of useful blogs suggesting and outlining how to improve your language learning. Bring your language skills to the next level with language hacks, fun activities and culture tidbits.A2-C2
QuizletQuizlet makes simple learning tools that help you study. Start learning today with its free flashcards, games and learning tools and see your language skills significantly improve.A1-C2