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Use the other resources below to improve your English language skills.Useful resources language learning

This page contains useful links that point you towards interesting: apps, dictionaries and news resources.

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LinkDescriptionAndroid or iOS
DuolingoA fun and interesting app to help you develop all four of your language skills. Choose from different languages with fun activities and a reward system to encourage you to keep learning.Android and iOS
Moodle MobileBy downloading this app you can have access to MyBabel which in turn allows you to check your class, schedules, and lesson plans at Babel.Android and iOS
Rosetta StoneAn internationally renowned language learning software, Rosetta Stone now has an app. You can use it to learn new languages or practise those you already know. While much of the app is free, payment is required with some features.Android and iOS
Word to Word AssociationA fun game to play at home or on the move to challenge your knowledge of word associations. This word game allows you to combine words that in some way fit together, from opposites to compound nouns.Android
Word to Word: Search & ConnectA fun game to play at home or on the move to challenge your knowledge of word associations. Combine words to form compound nouns or simply to highlights links between them.iOS


Cambridge Dictionary OnlineThe Cambridge International English Dictionary is highly reputable with the site also including idioms and phrasal verbs.A1-C2
Macmillan Online DictionaryA very user-friendly online dictionary site which gives you sample sentences showing you how to use a word. It also allows you to listen to the pronunciation of a word. This dictionary separates definitions and pronunciations into British and American English in order to avoid confusion.A1-C2
Merriam-WebsterThis is a great site and a wonderful resource to learn and expand your American English vocabulary (there is even a “Word of the Day” that you can sign up to). Among other activities there are videos, blogs and games to practise your vocabulary.A1-C2
Oxford Online Collocations DictionaryThis is a great site and a wonderful resource to use when you are writing or when you are editing what you have written to check that you have chosen the correct collocation (preposition, adverb, verb etc.).B2-C2
Thesaurus.comYou can find synonyms for a range of common and uncommon words here.B1-C2
Your DictionaryThis is a portal with links to a variety of online dictionaries. “Your Dictionary” also allows you to see the words you look up in a sentence to help contextualise words, while it also offers a thesaurus service to help find synonyms, as well.A1-C2


BBC NewsThe BBC is an internationally hailed and respected news broadcaster based in the UK, writing fairly unbiased news. The website is categorised into different aspects of news, such as weather, sport and world news, whilst also publishing a variety of blogs on more quirky items or opinion pieces. Other British broadcasters worth visiting would be ITV News and Channel 4 News.B1-C2
CNN InternationalCNN remains one of the most popular news agencies in the USA and is reported to be one of the least biased American broadcasters. To improve your knowledge of American English and to keep up to date with world news, check this site out. Other American news broadcasters worth visiting would be Fox News (leaning more to the Right) and PBS (leaning more to the Left).B1-C2
News in LevelsDo you want to read the news in English but find the language level intimidating or do you wish to challenge yourself? Stay updated with news around the world using this site which is customised to your level of English.A1-C2
The GuardianThe Guardian is an online newspaper which covers international world affairs as well as weather and sport. This newspaper is renowned for leaning more to the Left and has a variety of well-known Liberals and Socialists who write opinion pieces.B1-C2
The TelegraphThe Telegraph is an online newspaper largely covering political and business news, though it also reports on culture and sport. This newspaper is known for being more Right-leaning and often publishes opinion pieces by renowned Conservatives. In order to access articles in their fullness, you do have to sign up (for free).B1-C2