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Use the other resources below to improve your English language skills.

This page contains useful links that point you towards interesting: apps, dictionaries and news resources.

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LinkDescriptionAndroid or iOs
Moodle MobileYou can use this app to access MyBabel. Take a look at your classes, your schedule and your lesson plan.Android and iOs
DuolingoLearn a language by practising with writing short sentences and listening to audio. The website doesn’t offer explanations about grammar.Android and iOs
Lingua.lyVery handy app that allows you to compile your own word lists. You’ll develop your own dictionary! If you’re using the browser version you can also install a plug-in. You can click on words that you encounter while browsing to translate them.Android and iOs


Van DaleLook for the meaning of words. The Van Dale also provides you with information about grammar.B1 – C2
BeeldwoordenboekA dictionary with images of words that you encounter daily.A – B1
CombinatiewoordenboekA dictionary with set word combinations and nouns. You fill in a noun and the dictionary generates a list of verbs. You will also be able to view an example sentence.B1 – C2
AFKorting.nlA compilation of Dutch abbreviations.B1 – C2
Synoniemen.nlLook for synonyms of Dutch words.B1 – C2
CambiumnedUse this website to practise your synonyms.B1 – C2
Mijn WoordenboekTranslate to and from Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German. You can also find synonyms and rhyme words. This website also contains a lot of games.B1 – C2


KidsweekNews website for children.A
Seven DaysNews website for teenagers.B1
JeugdjournaalNews website (with interesting video content) for teenagers.B1
MetroWebsite of the free newspaper Metro.B1 – B2
Algemeen DagbladNews website with daily news.B1 – B2
Algemeen Dagblad – UtrechtNews website with daily news (focuses on Utrecht).B1 – B2
NU.nlShort news stories (the website focuses on the most recent news and doesn’t contain in-depth stories). You can select from different categories in the left column (sport, economy etc.).B1 – B2
RTL NieuwsWebsite of the RTL4 news show. Read short news stories.B1
NOS NieuwsHeadlines of the most recent news (also the latest news bulletin). The website also contains a special page focused on sports.B2 – C2
Nieuws.nlNews website with daily updates. The news is organised in different categories: foreign affairs, economy, sport, movies etc.B2 – C2
De VolkskrantNews website of the Volkskrant.B2 – C2
NRC HandelsbladNews website of the NRC. This paper focuses a lot on economic news.B2 – C2
Het Financieel DagbladNews website which focuses on financial news.B2 – C2


entoen.nu, de canon van NederlandDutch history explained.A – C2
LandenwebInteresting website with a lot of information about the Netherlands.B1
De MuseumserverA lot of information about the different museums in the Netherlands. Check our recent exhibitions and use the filters to locate a exhibition nearby.B1 – C2
Het WilhelmusWebsite that explains the meaning of the Dutch anthem. You can listen to the anthem.B2 – C2
Alles op een rijA compiled list of information (books, sources that explain Dutch politics, science and information about food & drinks).B2 – C2
Nederland FMUse this website to listen to Dutch radio. We’d recommend 100% NL to improve your language skills.B1 – C2