English Grammar

Use the resources below to improve your English grammar skills.

This page contains useful links that explain topics such as: prepositions, the tenses and the conditionals. Also take a look at some of the websites that offer practice activities.

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English Grammar explained

An Online English Grammar GuideAn abundance of information on key grammar aspects (such as verb tenses, punctuation and determiners). The site does use linguistic terminology but if you can overlook that, you will find it indispensable when it comes to answering your general grammar questions.B2-C2
Englisch HilfenDeep and informative explanations and examples about each category of preposition: time, place and commonly used. These are clear, useful and easy-to-follow. Englisch Hilfen also has a variety of other grammar and vocabulary topics should you wish to explore the site.A1-B2
English Grammar OnlineWhile English Grammar Online offers a variety of grammar explanations, this page highlights preposition use. Highlighting prepositions of time and prepositions of place, EGO goes into detail about what they are, when they should be used and even gives examples. It also includes extra important prepositions as well as exercises to practise what you’ve learnt.A2-B2
English PageEnglish Page is an excellent resource which explores a variety of grammatical aspects including conditionals, the use of the “ing” form and prepositions. There are also tutorials with interactive exercises to help practise and hone these skills.B1-C2
Grammar MonsterFree online English grammar lessons and tests. Grammar Monster includes a glossary of grammatical terms and explains basic grammar (such as punctuation) and common grammatical errors. It also includes a handy list of easily confused words (such as effect and affect) which really helps to neaten your English.B1-C2
The Internet Grammar of EnglishUniversity College London site with loads of information and exercises on grammar written with University Undergraduates in mind.B2-C2
ThoughtCo.ThoughtCo.’s “English Grammar for Non-Native Speakers” explores grammar in a helpful way, explaining all aspects in depth with many exercises and quizzes to help you put your knowledge into practice.B1-C2

English Tenses explained

English ClubEnglish Club explains the formation of regular verbs as well as the inability to create a rule for the irregular ones. It has thus compiled a list of the most common irregular forms and hints at how best to learn them. This is further aided by the use of quizzes for practice. A2-C1
English PageThis section of English Page focuses particularly on verb tenses. Such examples include when the “ing” form should be used and the difference between similar tenses (e.g. when you should say “I ate” and when you should say “I have eaten”). Greater understanding here will lead to less confusion when using tenses and will make your English sound natural and sophisticated. This page not only provides links to each tense topic but also useful activities that will help fuel your learning.B1-C2
OWL EnglishOWL English allows you to explore the verb tenses in an easy-to-follow way. This site explains how the tenses are formed and why they are used as they are. Other categories, such as grammar, are also available on the site should you find it of particular use.B1- C2

Practice Activities

Activities for ESL StudentsTest your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary using quizzes and crosswords. This site splits all activities into levels meaning that they are suitable for absolute beginners and advanced learners.A1-C2
English Exercises EFL Exercises & QuizzesA straightforward site with few frills but with plenty of exercises: grammar, collocations, phrasal verbs, you name it. Although it bears the name ‘Business English’, do not be put off – this site is useful for a variety of levels and learning goals.B1-C2
English Grammar OnlineWhile English Grammar Online offers a variety of exercises, this link will take you to its preposition activities which are extensive in what is covered and broad in level.A2-C2
Flo-JoeFlo-Joe provides a few more challenging exercises with regard to linking words. The activities are based more towards using such words in academic writing than general writing or speaking.B2-C2
Grammar BytesA variety of fun activities which allow you to practice your understanding of various grammatical rules, such as comma usage, irregular verbs and pronoun agreement.B1-C2
Interactive Grammar QuizzesHundreds of interactive quizzes to stretch and tease your English grammar in a relaxed way.A2-C2
Learn English TodayA range of exercises designed to test you on all aspects of English grammar and vocabulary from prepositions to linking words.A2-C2