Dutch Grammar

Dutch grammar

Use the resources below to find out more about Dutch grammar in use. The handy links will help to practise your use of the tenses.

You can also read more about punctuation or word order.

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Dutch Grammar

VerbixFill out the Dutch infinitive (verb) and find out which conjugations you should use.A – C2
Dutchgrammar.comPractise your grammar with multiple exercises.A – C2
Welk lidwoord?Unsure whether you should use ‘de’ or ‘het’? Use this website! You can also find it in the app-store.A – C2
Taalblad.beExplanation of the grammar rules (verb, adjectives, prepositions and the adverb).B1 – C1
Taaladvies.netYou can find answers to many questions about grammar on this website (grammar, punctuation, spelling etc.).B1 – C2
TaalprofThis blogger is an expert on complicated topics related to grammar! He finds ways to explain it in a very clear manner.C1
CambiumnedUse this website to practise word order. Clear explanations of every category.B1 – C1
CambiumnedUse this website to practise your Dutch tenses.B1 – C1
Nederlands op NiveauWebsite that is connected to the Dutch training method ‘Nederlands op niveau’, it contains a lot of grammar and vocabulary exercises (find them below ‘Oefeningen’).B2