Language testing services

There are various situations in which it is desirable or necessary for you to have your language level tested. This may be because your (future) employer requires this, you want to gain admission to an educational programme, you are moving abroad, or simply because you are curious about your language level.

Babel provides level testing in Dutch, English and German for the skills of Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading and Conversations. A test will be administered for a specific level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). Afterwards you will receive a certificate. The tests that Babel uses have been approved by the Inspectie van het Onderwijs.


Below you will find the common procedure for testing. However, it is also possible to take individual services.

1. Determination of current level and personal advice
You will start by doing a level indication test to determine your current level. After this, an intake interview will take place between the teacher and the participant. Based on the level test and the interview, the teacher will give a personal recommendation. If your level is sufficient to pass the test, Babel will register you for the test. If it appears that your level is insufficient to pass the test, the teacher will recommend the participant to follow a tailor-made course.

2. Preparatory training
Based on the intake interview, the teacher will set up a personalised lesson programme for you, building on your current level and the specific components of the test. At the start of the training, your language skills (grammar and vocabulary) will be improved, after which the emphasis will be put on the specific components of the test. Here, the focus is on the strategies you can use when applying the language and taking the test. Doing your homework is part of the training.

3. The test
The test will take place at Babel in Utrecht (or at another location if desired). The Reading, Listening and Writing components will be tested by means of a digital test and will be completed under supervision. The Speaking component will be tested individually by a teacher. The test will take a maximum of 60 minutes per component. Within one week you will receive feedback on the result of the test. This will consist of a rapport and, in case of a pass, a certificate.

Test your language level


Rate  (Babel is not liable to VAT)
Level test + recommendation€ 125,00
Preparatory trainingDependent on level / By request
Writing Test€ 150,00
Speaking Test€ 150,00
Listening Test€ 100,00
Reading Test€ 100,00