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Study French in Utrecht

Doing a course in French could be useful for you if you’re interested in French culture or if you are going to study or work in France. Mastering French enables you to make yourself understood not only in France but also in Canada, Belgium and several African countries. Babel offers a range of French courses. A bientôt!

Courses French

Placement test

Babel has developed an French placement test with which you can assess your language level. This test has two parts (multiple choice questions and a writing task) which are marked by a language trainer. If in doubt, the trainer will contact you for an interview.

French in Utrecht: small groups, active lessons

Our French courses enable you to develop a substantial knowledge of the language in a short time. The relatively small groups motivate you to take an active part in the lessons, meaning that you pick the language up more quickly. Also, the teacher speaks French as much as possible, so that you can easily make the language your own.

About France

For many, France is a favourite holiday destination. It is a unique country with a colourful history, a rich culture and a language that is one of the most important in the world. France has played an important role in Europe for many years, and French is one of the official languages of internal communication within both the European Union and the United Nations.