Babel’s Continuous Language Support

Continue to improve your language skills, even after your language course has finished

Have you followed a tailor-made language course at Babel? Then you can continue your language training with Babel’s Continuous Language Support. Through personal contact with your language trainers and a large database of online language exercises, you can continue the learning process. CLS offers you 24/7 language support and is accessible on your preferred device. By using CLS, you can immediately put your newly obtained languages skills into practice.

Why Babel’s Continuous Language Support?

  • Keep improving your language skills, even after you have finished your language training
  • Benefit from a greater learning experience
  • Immediately put your knowledge into practice
  • Stay in touch with an experienced language trainer
  • Get access to online training, exercises, an extensive toolbox and events

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The levels

CLS is available in the English and Dutch languages:

  • CLS English is suitable for intermediate and advanced students (from B1 to C1 level)
  • CLS Dutch is suitable for beginner and intermediate students (from A1 to B1 level)

Practical assignments and personal feedback

With CLS, your language skills will continue to increase. You will have the opportunity to keep on learning and to apply and practise your knowledge. Moreover, you will receive personal feedback on your assignments from a teacher. For instance, are you stuck on how to write a business e-mail in English? Ask your teacher for help. Would you like to refresh your knowledge of English grammar? The toolbox in the online learning environment offers you the necessary theory and useful exercises.

How does Babel Continuous Language Support work?

In order to subscribe for CLS, you have to add it to your language training. During your subscription, you will have access to:

  • A wide range of learning nuggets (short e-learning tasks on specific topics)
  • A chat box with your teacher for practical questions
  • Personal feedback on your texts and presentations
  • Access to an online course of your choice every three months
  • The Babel toolbox with hundreds of tools and references
  • Free access to Babel seminars and webinars (four times a year)
  • 10% discount on individual face-to-face classes.

Babel CLS costs € 29,95 per month excluding VAT. The terms and conditions of Babel CLS (PDF in Dutch) can be downloaded here.

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