Brush Up Your English course – vocabulary and common collocations (e-learning)

Level: Upper-Intermediate (B1/B2), Advanced (B2/C1)

Would you like to brush up your English vocabulary skills? Do you find yourself using the same words you learnt in high school? Then this online course is what you have been waiting for!



About the course

Would you like to learn new ways to learn and use new vocabulary? Or do you sometimes doubt how to ask for a favour or make a suggestion in English? If you would like to brush up your English vocabulary skills, then this online course is what you have been waiting for!

This course is applicable if you have at least level B1 score for the language structures, writing and self-assessment components. To ensure you have the required level, please complete our free placement test. Are you interested in this course and would you like to take sneak peak? Take a look at our free demo course.


Learning goals

This online course focuses on:

  • revising your knowledge of vocabulary.
  • analysing strategies for learning and consolidating new vocabulary.
  • learning new expressions and word combinations, more commonly known as collocations.
  • helping you to sound more polite.
  • learning functional language phrases.
  • improving your fluency and boosting your confidence when speaking or writing in English.



  • This online module allows you to study at the times which best fit your schedule. The exercises are interactive, fun and reflective.
  • This online module offers three units which focus on learning strategies, functional language and vocabulary and expressions for softening your language, helping you sound polite and friendly.


Time Investment

  • This course is aimed to last 8 weeks, although you will have access to the course for a period of three months. This enables you to organise your time flexibly.
  • The average student spends around 5 – 10 hours on this course.



  • You will receive a certificate if you have completed 80% of the material provided.
  • If you work or study at Utrecht University you will receive a 15% discount. Please register with your UU email address. Your registration will then be processed automatically.