Improve your language skills in our virtual classroom

We offer you temporarily an introductory discount on tailor-made language courses!

We think it is important that you keep on improving your language skills, even though it is currently not possible to attend classes at our teaching locations. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to follow all our tailor-made languages courses online. Both individual courses, as well as group courses, can be taught in our virtual classr0om. In our virtual classroom, you can work on your specific learning goals with personal guidance from our experienced language trainers. A personal approach, but then from a distance.

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Discover the online possibilities with a 20% discount

To introduce our clients to the virtual classroom, we offer a 20% discount on our tailor-made courses. This discount applies both to individual courses and tailor-made group courses for companies. The discount is only valid for one tailor-made language course which has to start before the 1st of June. The discount can not be used in combination with other offers/discounts.

A tailor-made course, but then in our virtual classroom

Next to all the benefits of an offline classroom, the virtual classroom offer you additional, fun and handy tools. Tailor-made courses will become even more effective with live quizzes to test your language knowledge, real-time notes from your language teacher and cloud storage where you can find all the teaching materials. Here you can read more about the virtual classroom.

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They chose for our quality


Reviews of students

We have been teaching via the virtual classrooms for a couple of weeks now and our students are very positive. Below you can read a couple of reviews about the virtual classroom.

I didn’t expect that online language class would be so much fun. I was in the beginning a little afraid that I would receive less personal feedback, but this was not the case at all. Due to the personal guidance of my teacher, I managed to reach my personal learning goals. I am finally communicating with more confidence in English.
– Ellie Leemberg

Together with the enthusiastic study advisors, we created the perfect teaching program for me. For me, this was a combination of e-learning and private teaching from a distance. These private classes were hold in the virtual classroom of Babel. I learned a lot from my language course in a very short period of time.
– Jan Geus

A year ago, I moved to the Neterlands because of my job. For this reason, I wanted to improve my Dutch. I did this online with Dutch language classes. I learned a lot and I would like to thank my trainer for all of  her effort. Se kept on motivating me! Via the virtual classroom, I have improved my  pronunciation and grammer. Everything went smoothly and worked really well.
– Sean Brown