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Virtual classroom: follow your language course at a distance

Both group courses and individual courses are also being given through virtual classrooms. What does this mean for you as a student?

The virtual classroom works like this:

Via the virtual classroom, you receive lessons at home together with fellow students and are in close contact with your trainer. You can ask questions, share information and chat with fellow students. The virtual classroom is suitable for private language courses as well as for group courses, for you or your organisation.

In addition, the virtual classroom provides all the possibilities of an “offline” classroom and some useful extra tools:

  • Digital whiteboard
    The digital whiteboard ensures extra interaction during the lessons. Both the trainer as well as the students can write, draw or doodle on it.
  • Breakout rooms
    In virtual breakout rooms you can work together with your fellow classmates on class exercises.
  • Screen sharing
    This handy tool makes sure that with just one click the trainer can share their screen with the student. The students can then easily follow all the trainer’s steps.
  • Chat
    Ask your questions and share your ideas via the chat function.
  • Live quizzes
    Test your knowledge and language level with a digital test. After doing the quiz, you receive immediate feedback on your results. In this way, you can identify your difficulties quickly and the training can be given more effectively.
  • Real-time notes
    The trainer’s notes can be shared with the students with this tool immediately. This means you don’t need to take notes during the lesson any more and can fully concentrate on the trainer’s explanation.
  • Cloud storage
    The trainer can instantly share with you the articles, documents and videos used in the training. In this way you always have access to the lesson material and don’t lose anything. Important documents and links are also shared on MyBabel.

Would you like to follow a course in the virtual classroom?

You can simply enrol! On the course page, it states whether the course is giving in the virtual classroom or in a traditional classroom. Click on the right button and you can sign up.

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