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Date : 30 March 2020 Categories : Blog

Learning a language from home

There are different ways to learn a new language, also from home! You can follow our online lessons from wherever you like. As long as you have an active internet connection. Babel offers four possibilities for distance language learning:

1. Virtual classroom

In addition to providing traditional lessons at our teaching locations, Babel also provides the opportunity to follow a course online. The online language courses are given in a ‘ virtual classroom’. The online courses are available in almost all languages including Dutch, English,French and Chinese. A tailor-made course, but then online! The virtual classroom is suitable for private language courses and group courses, for you or your organisation. The virtual classroom provides the same learning possibilities as a lesson on location: interactive lessons, personal feedback and dealing with questions. It just takes place where you want it to!

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2. E-learnings

Another way we provide online learning is by means of e-learning. This is especially suitable if you want to learn a language at your own pace and in your own time. It is often a combination of different sorts of content, such as texts and videos combined with interactive assignments. During the e-learning course, you are always still in contact with a trainer who gives you personal feedback on the assignments you have done and is always available for questions. We provide online language courses from 60 euros onwards. 

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3. Tailor-made E-learning

In addition to different sorts of e-learning, Babel offers more and more tailor-made e-learning. This is often commissioned by a company that has specific wishes and learning objectives. We then customize the course so that it perfectly suits the students’ actual world and wishes. Personal guidance always plays an important role in tailor-made e-learning.

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4. Language lessons via Skype

Language lessons on Skype is an excellent opportunity to improve your language skills 1-on-1. This is a combination of e-learning and face-to-face. Babel also provides distance language learning to foreign dentists and doctors who need to take the AKV test in order to practise their medical profession in the Netherlands.

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