Summer School Spoken English (B2 -> B2+)

Level: Intermediate (B1/B2), Advanced (C1/C2)

English is spoken all around you. Can you keep up? The course provides opportunities for you to practise and improve your spoken English. In this course you will develop your discussion skills, build your vocabulary, brush up your knowledge of grammar and gain confidence to be able to speak in a range of different settings. The main focus is fluency and ease of communication.

COVID-19: From the first of July onwards, several courses will be taught again at our teaching locations. This will be clearly specified on the course page. The other courses will be taught online in our virtual classroom.


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Starting from 20 July 2020


Cambrigde Summer School

This course focuses mainly on fluency and ease of communication. Discussions are held
on a wide range of topics.

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Learning goals

The course provides opportunities for you to practise and improve your spoken English. It also enables you to build your vocabulary.

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Practical exercises with an emphasis on cooperative work and task-based activities will help you improve your spoken English skills. Grammar revision and vocabulary work are covered during this course using interactive materials in class and at home.

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Time investment

  • Contact hours: 27
  • Homework: 13
  • Total study load: 50 hours

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The course is suitable for people who have reached CEF-level B2- or higher.
You are required to do a placement test developed by Babel. This test consists of two parts: multiple choice and writing. A teacher will assess your language skills. On the basis of your test result you will get an advice about which course is suitable for you.  Please note that it can take up to 5 working days until your language level is assessed.

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  • Starting date: 20 July 2020
    Monday20 July 202009:3012:30
    Tuesday21 July 202009:3012:30
    Wednesday22 July 202009:3012:30
    Thursday23 July 202009:3012:30
    Friday24 July 202009:3012:30
    Monday27 July 202009:3012:30
    Tuesday28 July 202009:3012:30
    Wednesday29 July 202009:3012:30
    Thursday30 July 202009:3012:30

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