Summer School Cambridge English First (B1+ -> B2)

Level: Intermediate (B1/B2)

Reportedly, English is the official language in 58 countries in the world. It is increasingly used as a major language of communication worldwide. If you want to be part of this global community, then this Intermediate Cambridge English course is just the thing for you.


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Starting from 20 July 2020

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Cambrigde Summer School

We will practise the various skills, using topics such as education, the environment, health issues and urbanisation. The course will provide thorough training in grammar, vocabulary development and lively classroom discussions on a broad range of issues. The excellent Babel trainers will give you personal feedback and tips on how to learn more effectively.

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Learning goals

This course aims to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and learn self-study strategies. The course aim is to reach level B2

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The course focuses on:

  • expanding your vocabulary
  • increasing general conversational skills
  • developing reading skills
  • acquiring learning strategies
  • improving pronunciation
  • increasing knowledge of grammar
  • improving listening skills
  • improving writing skills.

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Time investment

  • Contact hours: 27
  • Hours of self study at the institute: 12
  • Homework: 11
  • Total study load: 50 hours

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You are required to do a placement test developed by Babel. This test consists of two parts: multiple choice and writing. A teacher will assess your language skills. On the basis of your test result you will get an advice about which course is suitable for you.  Please note that it can take up to 5 working days until your language level is assessed.

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  • Starting date: 20 July 2020
    Monday20 July 202009:0010:30
    Monday20 July 202013:0014:30
    Tuesday21 July 202009:0010:30
    Tuesday21 July 202013:0014:30
    Wednesday22 July 202009:0010:30
    Wednesday22 July 202013:0014:30
    Thursday23 July 202009:0010:30
    Thursday23 July 202013:0014:30
    Friday24 July 202009:0010:30
    Friday24 July 202013:0014:30
    Monday27 July 202009:0010:30
    Monday27 July 202013:0014:30
    Tuesday28 July 202009:0010:30
    Tuesday28 July 202013:0014:30
    Wednesday29 July 202009:0010:30
    Wednesday29 July 202013:0014:30
    Thursday30 July 202009:0010:30
    Thursday30 July 202013:0014:30

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  • Starting date: 17 August 2020
    Monday17 August 202009:0010:30
    Monday17 August 202013:0014:30
    Tuesday18 August 202009:0010:30
    Tuesday18 August 202013:0014:30
    Wednesday19 August 202009:0010:30
    Wednesday19 August 202013:0014:30
    Thursday20 August 202009:0010:30
    Thursday20 August 202013:0014:30
    Friday21 August 202009:0010:30
    Friday21 August 202013:0014:30
    Monday24 August 202009:0010:30
    Monday24 August 202013:0014:30
    Tuesday25 August 202009:0010:30
    Tuesday25 August 202013:0014:30
    Wednesday26 August 202009:0010:30
    Wednesday26 August 202013:0014:30
    Thursday27 August 202009:0010:30
    Thursday27 August 202013:0014:30

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