English Cambridge Preliminary

Level: Intermediate (B1/B2)

Would you like to develop your ability to communicate in English for practical tasks and situations and accomplish this in an effective way while making considerable progress? The intermediate course English Cambridge Preliminary will help you on your way.

COVID-19: As long as the measures against the coronavirus are still in place, we will continue to host our classes in virtual classrooms. For the courses that start in the week of 20 April, we offer a free flexible booking policy.


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Starting from 20 April 2020

About the English Cambridge Preliminary course

Do you need to improve your English for work or for your studies? Would you like to prepare for an internationally recognized qualification? This fast-track course will help you on your way. We will use a great variety of exercises enabling you to work on all your language skills.

This intensive course (2 evenings per week) aims to improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills at a faster pace. Self-study strategies will also be covered.

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Learning goals

This course is aimed at those with a higher educational background who wish to achieve level B1+ in a short period of time. You can start with level A2+. The course focuses on:

  • Increasing your knowledge of grammar: talking about your daily life, future plans and accomplishments; using just, already and yet correctly
  • Expanding your vocabulary and idioms: learning to describe people’s appearance, personality, and interests. Moreover, learning to give advice and make appointments
  • Increasing your general conversational skills: learning to make invitations and respond to invitations as well as asking polite questions and saying you don’t understand
  • Developing better reading and comprehension skills: being able to read short texts about everyday topics
  • Improving and correcting your pronunciation: saying days, months, and times; the final sound of regular verbs in the past tense
  • Improving your listening skills: learning to follow basic conversations
  • Developing your writing skills: writing basic letters and emails
  • Acquiring self-study skills.

Conversation practice about everyday topics will increase your vocabulary and fluency. Grammar revision will make you more confident about your accuracy in using English. This course will also provide you with the knowledge you need for more advanced courses. Moreover, if you are interested in sitting the Cambridge Preliminary (PET) exam, the book used in this course offers these features to help you on your way:

  • ‘Writing folders’ develop the full range of writing skills needed for the PET exam and focus on the area many PET candidates find the most challenging part of the exam.
  • ‘Exam folders’ provide helpful advice for each part of the exam, giving PET candidates constant reassurance that they will know what to expect in the exam and how best to tackle it.
  • Corpus spots (vocabulary and use of English information) provide examples of the most authentic and up-to-date English, and highlight areas of the exam that students find most challenging.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary spots focus on essential points of grammar and vocabulary.

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During the course, the focus is on speaking and practical, hands-on exercises using task-based activities. Grammar revision and vocabulary work are covered in class and on a self-study basis.

You will be working with the Cambridge Objective Preliminary book and workbook. You can order all books required for the course on our special book page. Please ensure you bring your books to the first session.

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Time Investment

This course consists of 18 sessions at Babel in Utrecht. The advised self-study load is 6-8 hours a week.

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  • The language of instruction is English.
  • You will be working with the Cambridge Objective Preliminary book and workbook. You can order all books required for the course on our special book page. Please ensure you bring your books to the first session.
  • Active participation is preferred during the course meetings and ample time for self-study, preferably spread out evenly over the week. You will receive a certificate of participation if you attend at least 80% of the meetings.
  • If you work or study at Utrecht University you will receive a 15% discount. Please register with your UU email address. Your registration will then be processed automatically.

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  • Starting date: 20 April 2020
    Monday20 April 202020:0021:45
    Wednesday22 April 202020:0021:45
    Wednesday29 April 202020:0021:45
    Monday4 May 202020:0021:45
    Wednesday6 May 202020:0021:45
    Monday11 May 202020:0021:45
    Wednesday13 May 202020:0021:45
    Monday18 May 202020:0021:45
    Wednesday20 May 202020:0021:45
    Monday25 May 202020:0021:45
    Wednesday27 May 202020:0021:45
    Wednesday3 June 202020:0021:45
    Monday8 June 202020:0021:45
    Wednesday10 June 202020:0021:45
    Monday15 June 202020:0021:45
    Wednesday17 June 202020:0021:45
    Monday22 June 202020:0021:45
    Wednesday24 June 202020:0021:45

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