English Cambridge First

Would you like to develop your English language skills and achieve a solid intermediate English level? During this interactive course, we will help you on your way! You can also take this course if you wish to prepare for the Cambridge First Certificate exam.

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This training can be offered as a tailor-made course.

About the English Cambridge First course

We will use a great variety of exercises and classroom activities to work on all your language skills at B2 level.

The course focuses on:

  • increasing general conversational skills;
  • expanding your vocabulary;
  • improving pronunciation;
  • increasing knowledge of grammar;
  • developing reading skills and acquiring self-study skills;
  • improving listening skills;
  • improving writing skills.


Learning goals

This English Cambridge First is aimed to those who wish to reach level B2 in a short period of time. You can start with level B1+. Please note: this course follows after English level 4. You are not required to have followed the Level 4 course but completing the English placement test is recommended.

This course aims to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and learn self-study strategies. The course is also suitable for those who wish to sit the Cambridge First Certificate exam.


The focus in the course sessions is on speaking and practical exercises with an emphasis on cooperative work and task-based activities. Grammar revision and vocabulary work are covered both in class and on a self-study basis.

You will be working with the Cambridge Objective First Certificate book. You can order all books required for the course on our special book page. Please ensure you bring your books to the first session.

Time Investment

This English Cambridge First course consists of 18 sessions of 1 hour 45 minutes at Babel in Utrecht. The advised self-study load is 2-3 hours per session.


The language of instruction is English. Active participation is essential if you want to benefit most from this course. Also allow yourself plenty of  time for self-study. You will receive a certificate of participation if you attend at least 14 meetings.

If you work or study at Utrecht University, you will receive a 25% discount.