Teaching in English (blended)

Level: Intermediate (B1/B2), Advanced (C1/C2)

The course Teaching in English (blended) is essential for teaching staff who would like to improve their English language skills but who would also like to acquire some EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) skills.

During the lockdown (at least until 2 March), all our on-site courses will be taught in the virtual classroom. As soon as it is possible, we will switch back to teaching on location. So, you can enrol without any problems for an on-site language course. We offer you a worry-free start to your course with our flexible booking policy.

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Starting from 3 May 2021

+ 2 more dates

About the Teaching in English (blended) course

Cursus lesgeven in het Engels

The Teaching in English (blended) course is a Professional development course for teaching staff.

Nowadays, teaching staff in higher education are increasingly required to teach in English. For this, they need an excellent command of English and a thorough awareness of the EMI methodology (English as a Medium of Instruction). This course is developed for subject lecturers/teaching staff who teach or will be teaching (international) classes through the medium of English.

The course will address the following topics and skills:

  • English language skills (oral fluency practice; vocabulary development; classroom (management) language; discourse-organising language; rephrasing; summarizing; grammar revision if necessary).
  • Teaching skills (e.g. ways to enliven lectures and seminars and get the message across: engaging students, scaffolding: pre-teaching).
  • Practice activities (e.g. teaching sessions; speaking activities).
  • Awareness-raising activities (e.g. discussing EMI strategies; sharing experiences; reflecting on teaching methods, refining skills and developing new ones).

Are you interested in this course and would you like to take sneak peak? Take a look at our free demo course Teaching in English.

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Learning goals

This Teaching in English (blended) course is aimed to those who wish to achieve level B2+ in a short period of time. You can start with level B2.

This blended course is concerned with teaching through English to (international) students. It provides opportunities for learning through reflection, practice and discussion. Through several online modules, you will reflect on your approach to English-medium teaching and you will be able to prepare your lecture practice. This means that you can partly work in your own time at a place you prefer.

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During two class sessions, you will practice teaching through English and receive feedback on your performances; you will discuss your experiences with other participants; you will explore the dynamics of the English-medium classroom and you will activate and expand English through participation in an English-medium course.

Each participant is expected to teach a 15 to 20 minute class session (part of a lecture or tutorial). The program consists of online tasks, whole-group activities, small-group work and individual study.

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Time Investment

The Teaching in English (blended) course program consists of 4 online modules and 2 class sessions. You should expect to do additional self-study during the course (e.g. preparing for follow-up teaching sessions), approximately 2 hours per session.

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  • This course is offered on-site (Utrecht, Rotterdam & Eindhoven) as a face-to-face class in a small group. You can find an overview of all the measures we have taken against the coronavirus here.
  • The language of instruction is English.
  • Each participant is expected to teach a 15 to 20 minute class session (part of a lecture or tutorial). The program consists of online tasks, whole-group activities, small-group work and individual study.
  • If you work or study at Utrecht University you will receive a 15% discount. Please register with your UU email address. Your registration will then be processed automatically.

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The starting date shows the start of the course. The schedule shows when the face to face meetings take place.