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Masterclass “Business English in a global context"

Masterclass “Business English in a global context”

Our rapid globalization increasingly requires an intercultural mindset and an ability to communicate and cooperate with different cultures.

Would you like to understand why communication with your international counterparts isn’t working well? Would you like to learn how to successfully collaborate with your colleagues abroad? Do you often ask yourself what is the key to understanding what is behind the words of your international counterparts? Would you like to practise your intercultural skills and receive hands-on feedback on your English skills by a native speaker? Then this is the masterclass for you!

Masterclass aims

After this masterclass you will:

  • Have an understanding of what culture is
  • Understand high context vs low context cultures
  • Understand the Iceberg model of culture
  • Be aware of how culture influences communication styles
  • Have participated in a hands-on debate
  • Have a good idea of the correct English to use in meetings
  • Receive hands-on feedback on your communication style and your use of English

Programme Masterclass

Section Time
Walk-in + lunch 12.00 – 12.45
Welcome 12.45 – 13.00
Masterclass 13.00 – 16.00
Education advisors 16.00 – 16.15
Informal reception 16.15 – …

The masterclass will be given by:

Fanny Spruytte Fannyis an intercultural trainer, coach, sinologist with a rich international background. She was born and raised in Belgium. In 1992 she moved to China where she studied and then regularly worked until 2006. Her approach is practical and experience driven and her aim is to stimulate participants to become aware of their own values, cultural lenses, identity. She wants the participants to feel more relaxed and confident in dealing with people from other cultures so that intercultural communication and collaboration becomes fun!

Erick van den BerckenFanny is a senior language and communication skills trainer who believes that culture and intercultural communication are important elements of business language learning.He has taught Business English at a variety of businesses ranging from local Utrecht companies to larger international companies such as Rabobank, Mercedes-Benz and Berenschot. He has also worked with staff at Utrecht University and Nyenrode Business University. Erick thinks it is essential to adjust your language to business etiquette, communication styles and the local customs whenever you have to do in an international environment. He also believes that the challenge of mastering the language will ultimately enable you to enjoy doing business in English!


Date and time

26 January


Free of charge


The masterclass will be given in English.


For more information contact Désirée van de Vliet via: 030 2270085 or


DDankzij mijn vriendin ben ik bij de masterclass van 2015 geweest. Ik werk in de sales en moet mijn verhaal ook redelijk vaak in het Engels doen. Ik merkte dat dit meestal niet zo’n probleem is wanneer ik een goed verhaal heb om te verkopen, maar het is een stuk lastiger om iemand te overtuigen wanneer het verhaal minder sterk is. De masterclass was dan ook een uitkomst. Het was een leuke middag en inhoudelijk ook heel goed. Het was zo goed dat ik verbaasd was dat het gratis was.

Ingram MicroStefan Duijndam


To be announced


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