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German courses in Utrecht

German courses in Utrecht

German CourseThe Federal Republic of Germany has close ties to the Netherlands, not only economically but also culturally and socially. For this reason, following a course in German might be useful for your work. But you may also simply be interested in the German language and culture thanks to, say, going on holiday in Germany. Whatever your reasons, Babel offers a range of German courses in Utrecht, helping you to expand your knowledge of the language and develop your own personal skills.

What’s my level?

Click on this link to do a test. The results will reveal your current level in German, after which you can register for a course that starts at your level.

Our German course will enable you to acquire a substantial knowledge of the language in a short time. The relatively small group size leads you to take an active part in the lessons, meaning that you pick the language up more quickly. Plus, the teacher speaks German as much as possible, making you feel at home in the language.

German level 1 (for non-Dutch speakers)90A1-€165,-5 Sep.

Course Sessions Start level Target level Price Starting date
German level 2 (for non-Dutch speakers) 9 A1- A1+ €170,- 14 Nov.

Why choose Babel?

  • Excellent teachers
  • Clear and flexible contract
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Competitive pricing
Summer Courses

Course materials

You can order books through this page.

What's my current level?

» Dutch placement test.
» English placement test.
» For other languages, Dialiang is a language diagnosis system developed by many European higher education institutions. It reports your level of skill against the Common European Framework (CEF) for language learning. You can download Dialang here.

Course venue

Courses of Babel take place at either the Nieuwegracht or the University College Utrecht campus. Select a start date to view the course location. Free parking is available.


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