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Exam Training NT2 - Programme 1

Exam Training NT2 – Programme 1

Course Content
This intermediate course aims at preparing you for the State Exam NT2 programme 1*. The certificate of programme 1 is sufficient if you don’t work in a senior or management position or if you intend to do a studies at a Dutch school of Lower or Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO). It is also accepted as an official exam to meet the requirements of Dutch naturalization (inburgering). You can already join this course when you have reached language level B1.

The four language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) are extensively practised on the basis of tasks in the course book ‘Vooruit, voorbereiding op het Staatsexamen NT2 I’. In addition, during the course you will practise with two model exams. The course will take place at our institute in Utrecht.

Course aims
Participants will get a good impression of the level and content of the State Exam NT2 programme 1. They will get sufficient practice in the four language skills to be well prepared for the exam. During the course participants will be given feedback on the speaking and writing tasks and suggestions and advice how to deal with the reading and listening tasks. The aim of the course is not to increase the language level, but the teacher will give the students advice on how to improve their language level in general and enlarge their vocabulary.

Assignments during classroom sessions will be made in groups, pairs or individually.

Number of sessions
16 sessions (8 weeks, 2 sessions of 1.45 h. per week)

Self-study load
50 hours (appr. 3 hours per session). Participants will have to do a lot of homework for the skills of reading, listening and writing. The teacher will correct the writing tasks handed in by the students, and the website of the book provides an answer key for the students to check their answers to the reading and listening tasks.

Course materials
On the right side of this page you will find a link to order the course material. All participants are expected to have their own course book at the first lesson. Supplementary material (model exams) will be provided during the course by the teacher.

Entrance requirements
This course is suitable for students who are in possession of:
– A certificate of a completed course on intermediate level (B1)
– CEF-score, at least level B1 for language structure, writing and self-assessment
– Intake test with advice level B2

You have to assess your language level. This can be done by means of the online placement test.

Since the aim of the course is to prepare you for the official State exam, the course itself does not have a final test. However, the model exam tasks handed in will be corrected and assessed by the teacher. The students can then judge for themselves whether their level is sufficient by the end of the course to be able to go for the exam.

Participant commitment
Participants should attend at least 80% of the meetings

Language of instruction

Course fee
€ 395,00

No new editions scheduled (yet).
This training can be offered as a tailor made course. Contact us for more information.

*State Exam NT2 programme 1 is at a lowel level than State exam NT2 programme 2. Programme 2 is required if you want to study or work at a Dutch university, a Dutch Polytechnics or college of Higher Vocational Education, or if you have a senior or management position. If you want to prepare for State Exam programme 2, you can do a course of advanced Dutch ( level B2) at our institute.

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Course materials

You can order books through this page.

What's my current level?

» Dutch placement test.
» English placement test.
» For other languages, Dialiang is a language diagnosis system developed by many European higher education institutions. It reports your level of skill against the Common European Framework (CEF) for language learning. You can download Dialang here.

Course venue

Courses of Babel take place at either the Nieuwegracht or the University College Utrecht campus. Select a start date to view the course location. Free parking is available.


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